Arranges images from a Mastodon instance into a wall.
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Tusk To Wall

#tusktowall arranges images from a Mastodon instance into a wall in realtime. Some Mastodon instances have so many toots passing the timeline that images just whizz by. #tusktowall polls theMastodon instance, gets any images it finds, then fills the screen with images in a nice, non-uniform, animated, packed layout.

See it in action at:

I'm darthvid. You can find me in Mastodon

Nothing fancy. Just something for me to learn some front-end development. I've never done any front-end code before! :P

Polls the given Mastodon instance for toots using the Mastodon /timelines API. If the toot has an image, it's added to the wall and all images are re-arranged.

Uses Isotope for the layout library.

Query Params:

  • [optional] instance = <Mastodon instance domain>
    • default: ""
  • [optional] local = [true | false]
    • default: true
  • [optional] nsfwvisible = [true | false]
    • default: false
  • [optional] imgsize = [positive integer representing percent]
    • default: 33