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Text mode diagrams using UTF-8 characters and fancy colors (using Python).

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  • Axial graphs
  • Horizontal and vertical bar graphs
  • Supports both 3 bit (16 color) and 8 bit (256 color) mode colors with various pre-defined palettes (see below)
  • UTF-8 text graphics


System requirements for Fedora Core 24:

dnf install ncurses-devel ncurses-compat-libs

It's recommended to use pip to install/update.

To install:

$ sudo pip install diagram

To update:

$ sudo pip install -U diagram

To install from github:

$ sudo pip install git+


Pictures say more than a thousand words.

Axis graph

Axis Graph

Horizontal bar graph

Horizontal bar graph

Drawing characters used:

▏ ▎ ▍ ▌ ▋ ▊ ▉ █

Vertical bar graph

Vertical bar graph

Drawing characters used:

▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █


Use diagram --help for documentation:

usage: diagram [-h] [-G] [-H] [-V] [-a] [-A] [-c] [-C] [-l] [-L]
               [-f function] [-p palette] [-x characters] [-y characters]
               [-r] [-b] [-s SLEEP] [-i file] [-o file] [-e ENCODING]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

optional drawing mode:
  -G, --graph           axis drawing mode (default)
  -H, --horizontal-bars
                        horizontal drawing mode
  -V, --vertical-bars   vertical drawing mode

optional drawing arguments:
  -a, --axis            draw axis (default: yes)
  -A, --no-axis         don't draw axis
  -c, --color           use colors (default: yes)
  -C, --no-color        don't use colors
  -l, --legend          draw y-axis legend (default: yes)
  -L, --no-legend       don't draw y-axis legend
  -f function, --function function
                        curve manipulation function, use "help" for a list
  -p palette, --palette palette
                        palette name, use "help" for a list
  -x characters, --width characters
                        drawing width (default: auto)
  -y characters, --height characters
                        drawing height (default: auto)
  -r, --reverse         reverse draw graph

optional input and output arguments:
  -b, --batch           batch mode (default: no)
  -k, --keys            input are key-value pairs (default: no) (1)
  -s SLEEP, --sleep SLEEP
                        batch poll sleep time (default: none)
  -i file, --input file
                        input file (default: stdin)
  -o file, --output file
                        output file (default: stdout)
  -e ENCODING, --encoding ENCODING
                        output encoding (default: auto)

(1): only works for the horizontal bar graph, the first argument is the key
and the second value is the data point.

--function ...

The parameter can be just the function name or the function name with arguments, for example:

diagram -f log

or, with an argument:

diagram -f log:e


Symmetrical logarithmic scale.


Smooth (and optionally differentiate) data with a Savitzky-Golay filter.

--palette ...

default / spectrum

Palette Spectrum


Palette Grey


Palette Red


Palette Green


Palette Blue

Library Usage

from diagram import DGWrapper
gram = DGWrapper(data=[points, values])