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The files in this directory are the test scripts used
to both verify that nothing major is broken each release
and to demonstrate how the SDLperl API can be used.

Many of these scripts have been submitted by people who
use SDLperl, and further submissions are more than welcome.
Still, while these examples demonstrate how to use the
API, they should not be taken as the best way to use it.
There is more than one way to do it.  Given the variety
of styles presented in these scripts, there is probably
something for everyone.

Descriptions 		prints keys pressed to stdout		creates colored rectangles where you click		plays a wav file using audio callback in perl!		creates a simple console interface		displays a series of bitmapped and true type fonts		demonstrates some basic drawing primitives		rotates and caches an image (wait a few seconds)		tests joystick movements		experimental perl shell support		displays a wave of smilie faces		displays multiple, contemporary, timer callbacks in perl

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