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Want to restart your Rails development server whilst you work? Now you can!

guard 'rails', :port => 5000 do

Lots of fun options!

  • :port is the port number to run on (default 3000)
  • :environment is the environment to use (default development)
  • :start_on_start will start the server when starting Guard (default true)
  • :force_run kills any process that's holding open the listen port before attempting to (re)start Rails (default false).
  • :daemon runs the server as a daemon, without any output to the terminal that ran guard (default false).
  • :debugger runs the server with the debugger enabled (default false). Required ruby-debug gem.
  • :timeout waits this number of seconds when restarting the Rails server before reporting there's a problem (default 20).
  • :server lets you specify the webserver engine to use (try :server => :thin).

This is super-alpha, but it works for me! Only really hand-tested in Mac OS X. Feel free to fork'n'fix for other OSes, and to add some more real tests.