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The Goblin search engine


The "Goblin Search Engine" started as a project which it main goal was to aim me in my own way to learning Perl.

I do not provide clear instructions to build it, since it's not intended to be a real product, I don't plan to maintain it and I think you have to be insane if you want to try this irl.

Goblin Server


The "Goblin Server" was a little experiment to play by making a "web search engine" and serves me to learn some concepts of Perl and regex.

To get it working you need an http server with perl support (look below for libs dependencies)

It relies on MongoDB. So you'll need it working if you want to use this.

Remember that Goblin (for now) comes with no indexed sites. You must add some sites with "addSite.pl" script if you want to see something working.

As i've said before, Goblin relies on MongoDB. Actually, it doesn't make searches more sophisticated than a simple "search by tags". This will be improved in the future, but for now is not more than that.


Just copy the files included in SoapServer folder to a working http server path (it has been tested with lighttpd and Apache2). Remember that your http server must have perl support with the following libs:

LWP MongoDB SOAP::Lite

To add a site to the database, just run "AddSite.pl http://weburl.com" and it will take the title, description and tags from the site. (This is not very well implemented now, but have to work with most "well formed" sites)

Goblin Client


It is just an API to make searches using the Goblin Server. It use SOAP to make the connection between both Goblins. Also, i provided a "test.php" example if you want to see how to use it. For now, is not more complicated than instantiate a "GoblinClient" object, make the search using the search($tags) method and show the results with found().



     $uri = 'http://my.soap.services.com/Goblin';
     $host = 'http://my.soap.services.com/GoblinServer/Goblin.cgi';
     $tags = 'linux development'; //it will look for those sites with both, linux and development tags

     $c = new GoblinClient($uri,$host);


     print $c->found();