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Maven support for ScalaTest
Scala Java


A Maven Plugin for Scalatest

NOTE: this plugin is currently being intregrated into ScalaTest
You can track the progress at Sean Griffins repository
Use Seans fork and not this one!


maven-scalatest-plugin is a Maven plugin that integrates ScalaTest functionality into Maven.

Building and Installing

maven-scalatest-plugin is not available from the standard Maven repositories. To install it,
you should checkout the code from github and install it: the “install” target will add the
plugin to your local Maven repository.

	git clone
	cd maven-scalatest-plugin && mvn clean install	


Add the following to your project’s pom.xml file.

	    <!-- To define the plugin version in your parent POM -->
	    <!-- To use the plugin goals in your POM or parent POM -->

To run your scalatests (in your project)

mvn scalatest:test

To start the scalatest gui (in your project)

mvn scalatest:gui

If you want to run a particular suite of tests (in your project):

mvn scalatest:test -Dsuite=mypack.MySuit


To generate the configuration documentation, please run

mvn site:site

open target/site/plugin-info.html

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