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Teiid, VDB, View, Hive Translator, Hive, Hadoop


DV 6.0+

What’s this

This quickstart demonstrates using the Hive translator with HiveServer2 JDBC Driver to access data in Hadoop HDFS. VDB hive-vdb.xml be used to define View within DDL metadata.

The examples use java:/HiveDS referenced with Hive data source, which will be setup by running setup.cli

System requirements


1.Setup Hadoop

Refer to Installing Hadoop 1.x to Red Hat Linux to finished Hadoop setup.

2. Set up Hive Services

Refer to Downloading and installing Apache Hive to finished Hive setup.

3. Setup Teiid Server

Install Hive driver module. Download and copy it into your server installation in the /jboss-eap-6.1/modules folder. unzip it. That’s all. Do not modify the $JBOSS_HOME/standlone/configuration/standlone.xml.

Refer to Prerequisites to start the Server.

4. Setup the hive datasource

run the following CLI script

cd $JBOSS_HOME/bin
./ --connect --file={path}/vdb-Hivehadoop/src/scripts/setup.cli
Maybe you need modify the connection-url=jdbc:hive2://{host-name}:10000/default to your URL, for example: connection-url=jdbc:hive2://

5. VDB Deployment

Copy (deploy) the following VDB related files to the $JBOSS_HOME/standalone/deployments directory


Open the admin console(http://localhost:9990/console) to make sure the VDB is deployed. See Query Demonstrations below to demonstrate query.

Query Demonstrations

Using the simpleclient example

  1. Change your working directory to "${quickstart.install.dir}/simpleclient"

  2. Use the simpleclient example to run the following queries:

Example: mvn exec:java -Dvdb="portfolio" -Dsql="example query" -Dusername="xx" -Dpassword="xx"

The following sql can be used with -Dsql: