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What is it?

TPC-H quickstart demonstrates federated performance of Teiid server against 2 running Postgresql servers.

System requirements

Bash (Linux host), Apache Maven, DBGEN (, Postgresclient (psql command)

Setup and Deployment

The DBGEN tool must be compiled. First rename makefile.suite to makefile and change the following settings in it

CC = gcc

Then you can run


Generated data set Open configuration file tpch/ and change value of DBGEN variable run

./ <scale>

where scale is a flot number. It is a number of gigabytes of data to generate. Two postgresql servers must be running. For each of one, run the following command to load the data <hostname> <port> <dbname> <username>

The Teiid server must be running with 2 datasources configured. One data datasource per Postgresql instance. VDB config-files/tpch-vdb.xml must be reconfigured to use the two datasource and then be deployed

Running the performance test

Open configuration file tpch/ and change value of DRIVER_PATH, TEIID_USER, TEIID_PASSWD variables. Also make sure DBGEN variable is valid


./ <scale>

Where scale is an integer that determines volume of query sets to generate. The final number of queries generated will be scale*22