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Teiid Spring Boot Starter

Primary purpose of teiid-spring-boot is to enable Teiid in Spring Boot applications. The Teiid can be added using Maven dependency below to your Spring Boot application pom.xml file.

   <version>{{ book.versionNumber }}</version>

Key Features:

  • Enables Teiid for Spring Boot applications

  • Supports translators/connectors auto-detection

  • Enable Externalized .yml/.properties based configuration

  • Supports VDB building using Spring style Annotations.

Refer to User Guide for more details.


Enter the following:

$ git clone<yourname>/teiid-spring-boot.git
$ cd teiid-spring-boot
$ mvn clean install

The directory structure is defined as follows:

    /starter -> Main Bootstrapping application
    /data -> Contains all the different data sources that Teiid supports (RDBMS is implicitly supported)
    /odata -> starter app for providing the odata support
    /samples -> various examples show casing different data sources
    /starter-test -> tests
    /docs -> Documents

How to do a release

git pull upstream master
mvn -DautoVersionSubmodules=true clean package release:prepare
mvn release:perform


Teiid Spring Boot is fast way to get to your Data Virtualizations projects using Teiid and Spring Boot




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