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Thorntail Teiid

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This project contains the source code and examples for Teiid Runtime Engine based on Thorntail. Using these modules you can build a executable uber jar that is equivalent to having a single vdb based WildFly Server.

Thorntail based Teiid is ideal to be executed in Docker environments or Cloud environments like OpenShift.

Start with $mvn clean install to build everything, including the examples. Then checkout the examples folder for various examples you can start with.

Migration from older io.thorntail Teiid

To migrate from an older version of Teiid Thorntail which was using artifacts from io.thorntail, you will need to update you pom(s).

  • Update to an appropriate version of thorntail
  • Update io.thorntail:bom-all to the org.teiid:thorntail-bom
  • Update io.thorntail:teiid to org.teiid:thorntail-runtime
  • Update source/translator dependencies from io.thorntail:teiid-XXX to org.teiid:thorntail-XXX
  • If applicible update the odata fraction from io.thorntail:odata to org.teiid:thorntail-odata-api


Teiid will follow the 2.x line of Thorntail, which is predominately based upon WildFly integration. Thorntail 4.x will merge with the quarkus efforts - but will be a large shift from the WildFly paradigm and so is not something that we will initially be able to follow. With our Fuse allignment we will maintain Teiid Spring Boot in the interirm until it's clear how we'll leverage quarkus.


Snapshots can be created with $mvn clean deploy - but this has also been enabled automatically for every non-tagged commit in the .travis.yml file.

A full release should still use the maven release logic. $mvn release:prepare, then $mvn release:perform. The examples will be revisioned, but will not be pushed to a repository.


Teiid and its related fractions for working with Microprofile standard especially with Thorntail




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