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Simple Java Client

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Teiid, JDBC


DV 6.1

What is it?

The sample client example can be used to test your sql queries against any server running a compatible Teiid Runtime and has an active VDB. This example will also be referenced by many of the other quick starts as a means to test suggested queries.

The is the example code that shows a developer the basic connection logic that can be used to connect to a Teiid instance running in a {{ book.asName }}.

The program expects four arguments. The pom.xml defines these arguments in the pom.xml:

Notice that the and are preset. To point to a different server and/or port, change "localhost" and/or "31000" arguments, respectively, in the pom.xml.

In addition to above 6 parameter, the Simple client dependent on the following 4 system properties optionally:

  • host - define the host name of Teiid Server, default is localhost

  • port - define the port number of Teiid Server, dfault is 31000

  • username - define the username to connect to Teiid Server, default is teiidUser

  • password - define the password to connect to Teiid Server, default is password1!

  • showplan - whether show execution plan in sql execution, default is false

  • usedatasource = whether use org.teiid.jdbc.TeiidDataSource to create Connection, default if false

If username, password not same as default, or want use TeiidDataSource to create Connection, showplan, use the system properties: -Dusedatasource=true -Dshowplan=true -Dusername=<username> -Dpassword=<password>



Build the project by running

mvn clean install


To execute a sql query using the simpleclient, use the following format:

mvn exec:java -Dvdb="<vdb>" -Dsql="<sql>" -Dusername="<username>" -Dpassword="<password> -Dusedatasource=true -Dshowplan=true"
username, password, showplan, usedatasource are optional due to their default value.
A Example Executions
mvn exec:java -Dvdb="Portfolio" -Dsql="select * from Stock"
The query is in quotes so that it is understood as a single argument. To run more advanced queries, it would be better a fully featured Java client, such as SQuirreL Client.
A Example of use TeiidDataSource
mvn exec:java -Dvdb="Portfolio" -Dsql="select * from Stock" -Dusedatasource=true
A Example of show execution plan
mvn exec:java -Dvdb="Portfolio" -Dsql="select * from Stock" -Dshowplan=true