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ROM assembler for the Dandanator Mini. An Spectrum ZX peripheral with many features.
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ROM assembler for the Dandanator Mini. A Spectrum ZX peripheral with many features.

##Requisites Git, Maven and java8 are needed

##Cloning the repository git clone

##Building Java8 and Maven are needed. Just execute:

cd dandanator-mini
mvn install

###Generating native packages. Native packages are supported by means of the javafx maven plugin. They can be generated by executing:

mvn jfx:native

They can be found under the directory:


The plugin is configured to not include the java runtime. This is to avoid very big deliverables, since with java8 the complete JRE would be included.

The linux native executable won't work if the variable JRE_HOME is not defined pointing to a java8 including the JFX classes. This means that probably an OpenJDK VM won't work and you would need a Oracle JVM or to provide the JavaFX jars yourself.


An executable jar with all the dependencies bundled in will be generated with the following invocation:

java -jar target/dandanator-mini-8.3-jar-with-dependencies.jar

In case you've generated a native package, just execute the binary you'll find in the application folder (or the generated app in OSX)

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