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mr.bob templates for Fanstatic packages
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bobtemplates.fanstatic provides mr.bob templates to generate packages for Fanstatic.

Available templates are:

  • package: a simple template for a Fanstatic package.

Global settings

Some variables are used with every template. These should be added to the mr.bob user config in ~/.mrbob, e.g.:

[variables] = Nuno Teixeira =
author.github.user = teixas

Creating a Fanstatic package

To create a Fanstatic package run:

mrbob -O js.some_library bobtemplates.fanstatic:package

and answer the questions:

Welcome to mr.bob interactive mode. Before we generate directory structure,
some questions need to be answered.

Answer with a question mark to display help.
Value in square brackets at the end of the questions present default value
if there is no answer.

--> Name of wrapped library: some_library

--> Version of the wrapped library: 1.4.4

--> URL of the wrapped library:

Then you could add resources files:

cd js.some_library/js/some_library/resources

Register them in

cd ..

Run tests:

py.test js
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