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Active Record Lite

Mimics Active Record’s ORM features.

  • Interacts with the database through custom SQL queries.
  • Dynamically defines associations using Ruby’s define_method.


  • Remove all references of this being a class project
  • Remove everything about phases - filenames (in /lib and /spec) and comments within each file.
  • Remove /lib/00_attr_accessor.rb object. That was a warmup in metaprogramming and it's not actually used in the project
  • Once you remove phases, organize files. Still have multiple files that each monkeypatch or extend SQLObject.
  • Explain in README how somebody would go about using this instead of the real ActiveRecord
  • When you talk about this project, and in your README, don't say that it's a clone of ActiveRecord to understand its functionality. Instead, own it. Say something like, "An ORM inspired by the functionality of ActiveRecord"
    • Description/instructions on how to use and run code
    • List of techs/languages/plugins/APIs used
    • Technical implementation details for anything worth mentioning (basically anything you had to stop and think about before building)
      • Include links to the neatest parts of the code
      • Include screenshots of anything that looks pretty *future features
  • Go through the whole thing and refactor everything. There will be a lot of obvious things to refactor since you're a much better developer now.
  • Have only 1 class per file - no matter how small the class.
    • Name the files the same as the class (camel_cased).
  • Organize into /lib and /lib/pieces
  • Explain in README how someone would go about downloading and running this.