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Differentiable Duckietown


This package is currently not registered. Additionally, it makes use of two more unregistered packages: GymSpaces.jl and RayTracer.jl.Hence, we first need to install them in order to install Duckietown smoothly.

julia> ]add
julia> ]add
julia> ]add

Current State

Texturers are being supported now. To use them, checkout the texture branch.
So far, we have tested rendering on following maps:

  • straight_road
  • small_loop
  • 4way
  • loop_empty
  • loop_dyn_duckiebots
  • loop_obstacles
  • loop_pedestrians
  • regress_4way_adam
  • regress_4way_drivable
  • small_loop_cw
  • udem1
  • zigzag_dists

To Do

  • Textures
  • Test out all the maps
  • MultiMap mode
  • Recording episode/animation
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