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What is newsreader?

Newsreader is a python script that fetches the RSS feeds from IndianExpress for the latest news, uses espeak to read out loud that news feed.

Voice used: mbrola-en1
News courtesy: RSS feeds by IndianExpress


espeak, mbrola and mbrola-en1 voice, pyttsx


Run the file once before running the script to meet all requirements. (this is a onetime run)

Finally run each time you want to listen to the news or follow the tip below.


You can use crontab to schedule the newsreader to read news every hour. First make the executable by:

chmod +x

Then run the following command:

EDITOR="gedit" crontab -e

And add the following line to that file and save.

 */60 * * * * /home/tejas/

60 is for the news to be read every 60minutes.

Check if the crontab is successfully added by

crontab -l

You will get to hear news every hour.

Created By

Tejas Bubane ( )

Any suggestions/bugs feel free to mail me or tweet @tejas_bubane.


Covered under GNU-GPL v3.0.

More info at