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Scheduler Hangs with 100% CPU usage (possible DST Issue?) #11

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I have a scheduled job that runs everyday at 9:45pm. Everything was working fine until today, when the node process hung with 100% CPU usage. The next time this is scheduled to run is after a daylight savings time change, and I speculate that is causing the issue. See code below to reproduce. I see "Scheduling job.", then my CPU goes to 100% and I never see "Scheduling done."

I was previously using version 0.1.5 and I after I noticed the issue I switched to 0.1.7, but that did not resolve it.

Note: This may only fail the day before a daylight saving time change.

var schedule=require('node-schedule');

console.log('Scheduling job.');

schedule.scheduleJob({hour: 21, minute: 45},function() {
    console.log('Job ran');

console.log('Scheduling done.');

That's exactly what it is. The scheduler increments the date until it finds a matching occurrence. That requires incrementing through, in this case, 2am on March 10th, which is a time that does not exist. I'll take a look at this.


Give it a shot!

@mattpat mattpat closed this

Yep, just pulled down 0.1.8. Working now, thanks. Wow, that was quick!


I ran into this same issue this past weekend. On Sunday 3/8/2014 I woke up to our CPU at 100% and code not running. After commenting out the following code, everything continued to work. We are using version 0.1.13.

schedule.scheduleJob({ hour: 2, minute: 10 }, function(){
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