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A simple yet fully-functional OpenID provider which runs on Google's App Engine - host your own OpenID provider for free!
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This is a fully functioning, albeit rather simple, OpenID provider for Google's App Engine, modified from the below, which was itself modified from Google's own example OpenID provider application.

The modifications centre around extracting authentication out into 'plugins', rather than remaining tied-into Google Accounts authentication as in the original system. As such, authentication methods other than Google Accounts can be used to verify the identity of OpenID users.

The default authentication method used in this provider is Google Accounts, with an on-disk list of allowed users, restricting the use of the system to those users permitted by administrators. This is to be expanded to an in-DB list of allowed users, with an admin interface to add and remove users. The current behaviour in the face of a disallowed user is to drop the user's session, without displaying an error message. This is to be expanded to provide a message to the user, denying access.


Based on sources, ported to latest python-openid library, version 2.1.1 (included).

An OpenID Provider app for Google App Engine. Allows Google users to log into OpenID servers using their Google Account (either regular Google Accounts or Google Apps Accounts, according to appengine authentication settings)

For more about OpenID, see:

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