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Small script to configure your hosts file so you don't get distracted during the day.
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get-shit-done is an easy to use command line program that blocks websites known to distract us from our work.

After cloning this repository, put it in your $PATH and ensure it is executable.

Execute it as root because it modifies your hosts file and restarts your network daemon.

To get-shit-done

sudo get-shit-done work

To no longer get-shit-done

sudo get-shit-done play


Add or remove elements of this array for sites to block or unblock.


As an alternative to above, add lines in format sites[] = to this file

If you are using the python script, the configuration file can contain list of comma-seperated sites as value to sites key. The duplicates will be removed, and www is prepended to eac


Update this variable with the path to your network daemon along with any parameters needed to restart it.


Update this variable to point to the location of your hosts file. Make sure it is an absolute path.


It's amazing how fast this repository has grown, I had never expected a single link on Hacker News would have caused that! I love it.

I'd really love if anyone wanted to follow some of my other repositories, including jolt or dbmigrator. I think both are promising projects and I know I could use some help on them.


-Vic Cherubini

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