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Collection of tools I using during PHP development using Emacs


php-mode.el is based on but uses a different TAGS file format to differentiate between methods and functions and associate new Object() with the right method __constructor().


The tool to create the TAGS file for the php-mode.el


Some more functions to deal with PHP development.

  • M-x php-run-string executes one line of PHP code. It can't handle more than one statement; Use echo or print statements

  • M-x php-run-buffer executes the buffer via the PHP CLI

  • M-x use-superglobals to change deceprated $HTTP_X_VARS into the superglobals $_X

  • M-x php-debug-file debug file with xdebug & PHP CLI (and geben)

  • php-after-save-hook updates the TAGS file (using tag-fucker.php) every time you save a PHP file. It's installed automatically.

  • M-x php-xref tries to find every call of a function using grep. Searches in subdirectories using the location of the TAGS file as root.

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