Shell script to install WordPress with wp-cli.
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This is a shell script to install WordPress with wp-cli.

Some default values you may need to change as follow:

  • Locale = ja
  • Document root = /var/www
  • Database user = root
  • Datebase password = root

Before run the script, you may be better to change those default values.

The script will be:

  1. Making a directory under the document root (you can specify it in the script) as wp_yyyymmdd_hhmmss like /var/www/wp_20130606_123456/
  2. Downloading the latest WordPress to the direcotry above.
  3. Making wp-config.php with the above values.
  4. Creating a database with values in wp-config.php
  5. Installing WordPress
  6. Installing and activating plugins listed in plugins-list.txt
  7. Installing themes listed in themes-list.txt
  8. Creating an additional user as test1

That's it!