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Allows to run script from Mac/Windows/Linux in a portable way. Empty lines are added for lisibility

var shell = Shell();


# Display some text
echo Hello

# Display dart version
dart --version

# Display pub version
pub --version


the command will be looked in the system paths (PATH variable). See section later in this this document about adding system paths.

Running the script

A script is composed of 1 or multiple lines. Each line becomes a command:

  • Each line is trimmed.
  • A line starting with # will be ignored. // and /// comments are also supported
  • A line ending with ^ (a space and the ^ character) or \\ (a space and one backslash) continue on the next line.
  • Each command must evaluate to one executable (i.e. no loop, pipe, redirection, bach/powershell specific features).
  • Each first word of the line is the executable whose path is resolved using the which command.

Changing directory

You can pushd/popd a directory

shell = shell.pushd('example');


# Listing directory in the example folder

shell = shell.popd();

Adding system path

If somehow you cannot modify the system path, it will look for any path (last) defined in ~/.config/tekartik/process_run/env.yaml on Mac/Linux or %APPDATA%\tekartik\process_run\env.yaml on Windows.

See User configuration file documentation.

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