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  • Introduced karabiner_kextd. (kext loading function was separated from karabiner_grabber.)
  • Suppressed unnecessary log messages.

Version 12.5.0

  • Fixed a key stuck issue which occurs when the key is released, and at the exact same moment Karabiner-Elements opens the device.
  • Fixed a issue which Karabiner-Elements mistakes a remote user for a current console user if another user is logged in from Screen Sharing while console is used.
  • Improved XXX is ignored temporarily until YYY is pressed again behavior.
  • Add Delay before open device configuration into Karabiner-Elements Preferences > Devices > Advanced tab.
  • Move Disable the built-in keyboard while one of the following selected devices is connected configuration into Karabiner-Elements Preferences > Devices > Advanced tab.
  • Added Show key code in hexadecimal format option into EventViewer.

Version 12.4.0

  • Fixed a key stuck issue which occurs when the key is held down before Karabiner-Elements opens the device.
  • Add Mouse Key XY speed configuration into Karabiner-Elements Preferences > Virtual Keyboard tab.
  • Event code format on EventViewer changed to decimal number from hex.

Version 12.3.0

  • Added Change mouse motion to scroll feature.
    You have to enable your mice on Devices tab when you want to use this feature.
  • complex modifications json will be checked strictly since this release. Please check error messages if your complex modifications do not work after upgrade.
  • Set and immutable in order to ensure unremovable them except built-in uninstaller. Please use the uninstaller when you want to remove Karabiner-Elements.
  • Added --lint-complex-modifications option into karabiner_cli. It allows you checks a complex-modifications json file.
  • Added a wait before grabbing device in order to avoid an macOS issue that device will be unusable after Karabiner-Elements is quit.
  • Changes for users who write their own json.
    • to and to_* support single object, e.g., "to": { "key_code": "spacebar" }.
    • New modifier aliases are added: left_alt, left_gui, right_alt, right_gui.
    • key_code, consumer_key_code and pointing_button supports a number value, e.g., "from": {"key_code": 175}.

Version 12.2.0

  • Fixed an issue that Caps Lock LED does not work on macOS Mojave.
  • shell_command string max length has been expanded. (256 byte -> 32 KB)
  • Karabiner-Elements makes a backup file of karabiner.json before updating it if the backup file does not exists. (~/.config/karabiner/automatic_backups/karabiner_YYYYMMDD.json)
  • A device grabbing process has been improved. (Observing device state by a separated karabiner_observer process.)
  • The event processing has been improved and the latency has been reduced by using pqrs::dispatcher.

Version 12.1.0

  • Added new items into simultaneous_options:
    • simultaneous_options.detect_key_down_uninterruptedly
    • simultaneous_options.key_up_when
  • Added new parameters into to event definition:
    • hold_down_milliseconds
    • halt
  • Increased rollover limit of virtual keyboard. (6 -> 32)
    This change mainly improves usability when you are using multiple keyboards at the same time.
  • Improved modifier flags handling in to_after_key_up and to_if_alone.
  • Fixed an issue that random key repeat happen at extremely high system CPU usage.
  • Incompatible changes
    • Changed the order of to_if_alone and to_after_key_up event handling.
      to_if_alone will be handled before to_after_key_up.

Version 12.0.0

  • macOS 10.11 support has been dropped.
    Karabiner-Elements works on macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or later.
  • The virtual keyboard compatibility has been improved.
  • Keyboard type in the virtual keyboard preferences has been removed. (Adverse effect of virtual keyboard improvement.)
    Please change the keyboard type from System Preferences > Keyboard > Change Keyboard Type.... Keyboard Preferences
  • Caps Lock Delay in the virtual keyboard preferences has been removed. (Adverse effect of virtual keyboard improvement.)
  • EventViewer has been improved showing the correct key name for PC keyboard keys and international keys.
  • Added simultaneous_options.key_down_order, simultaneous_options.key_up_order and simultaneous_options.to_after_key_up.
  • Fixed an issue that to_if_alone, to_if_held_down and to_delayed_action does not work properly with simultaneous.
  • Improved keyboard repeat handling with simultaneous.
  • Incompatible changes
    • Changed simultaneous behaviour to post key_up events when any key is released.
    • Changed to_after_key_up and to_if_alone behaviour as mandatory modifiers are removed from these events.

Version 11.6.0

Version 11.5.0

Version 11.4.0

Version 11.3.0

  • Fixed an issue that Karabiner-11.2.0 does not work properly on some environments due to a possibility of macOS kernel extension cache problem.

Version 11.2.0

Version 11.1.0

  • Fixed an issue that modifier flags becomes improperly state by mouse events.

Version 11.0.0

  • The first stable release of Karabiner-Elements. (There is no changes from Karabiner-Elements 0.91.16.)

Version 0.91.16

  • Karabiner-Elements waits grabbing device until all modifier keys are released in order to avoid modifier flags stuck issue in mouse events.
  • Support consumer keys (e.g., media key events in Logitech keyboards.)

Version 0.91.13

  • Add per device support in Simple Modifications and Fn Function Keys. Simple Modifications
  • The modifier flag event handling has been improved.

Version 0.91.12

Version 0.91.11

  • Fixed an issue that modifier flags might become improperly state in complex_modifications. (In complex_modifications rules which changes modifier+modifier to modifier.)

Version 0.91.10

  • macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) support has been improved.

Version 0.91.9

Version 0.91.8

  • Fixed an issue that karabiner_grabber might be crashed when frontmost application is changed.

Version 0.91.7

Version 0.91.6

  • The conditional event manipulation has been supported. (frontmost_application_if and frontmost_application_unless)

Version 0.91.5

Version 0.91.4

  • The modifier flag event handling has been improved.
  • Show warning and error logs by colored text in Log tab.

Version 0.91.3

  • Add timeout to to_if_alone.

Version 0.91.2

  • Initial support of complex_modifications > basic > to_if_alone.

Version 0.91.1

  • Fixed an issue that Karabiner-Elements stops working after user switching.
  • Initial support of complex_modifications (No GUI yet).

Version 0.91.0

  • event manipulation has been changed to src/core/grabber/include/manipulator/details/basic.hpp.
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