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Karabiner-Elements is a powerful utility for keyboard customization on macOS Sierra or later.

Karabiner stopped working because of the keyboard driver architecture changes at macOS Sierra. Thus, Karabiner-Elements was made from scratch for new macOS.

Project Status

Karabiner-Elements is ready to use today. It provides a useful subset of Karabiner's features that you can begin using immediately.

You can download the latest Karabiner-Elements from

Old releases

You can download previous versions of Karabiner-Elements from here:

System requirements

  • macOS Sierra (10.12)
  • macOS High Sierra (10.13)


How to build

System requirements to build Karabiner-Elements:

  • macOS 10.13+
  • Xcode 9+
  • Command Line Tools for Xcode
  • Boost 1.61.0+ (header-only)
  • CMake (brew install cmake)

To install the Boost requirement, download the latest Boost release, open the boost folder inside of it, and move all of the files there into /opt/local/include/boost/.

(For example, the version.hpp should be located in /opt/local/include/boost/version.hpp)

Step 1: Getting source code

Clone the source from github.

git clone --depth 1

Step 2: Building a package

cd Karabiner-Elements

The make script will create a redistributable Karabiner-Elements-VERSION.dmg in the current directory.


If you would like to contribute financially to the development of Karabiner Elements, donations can be made via