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Changes since 7.8.0
- Added DeviceLocation into <device_only>, <device_not> filters.
= version 7.8.0 =
- Fixed a bug that private.xml does not work properly if <identifier> contains white space.
- Fixed a bug that "General > Don't restore modifiers in the mouse event" does not work properly.
- Some minor improvements.
= version 7.7.0 =
- Fixed a bug introduced in version 7.6.0 that detecting of Input Sources does not work properly in Japanese and some other languages.
= version 7.6.0 =
- Added <replacementdef>. You can replace preset settings behavior by this.
- Added <include>. You can load xml files in private.xml.
- Added --ScrollWheelToKey--.
- Added --ScrollWheelToScrollWheel--.
- Added KeyCode::VK_WAIT_*.
- Improved KeyCode::VK_CHANGE_INPUTMODE_* behavior.
- Improved XML processing engine. (XML reloading is 2x faster.)
- Some minor improvements.
= version 7.5.0 =
- Dynamic ApplicationType,DeviceVendor,DeviceProduct definition feature has been added.
- Support Growl-1.3 on notifications.
- Added --StripModifierFromScrollWheel--.
- Added KeyCode::VK_CONSUMERKEY_*.
- Some minor improvements.
- Added about 40 kinds settings to preset.
= version 7.4.0 =
- Some improvements on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion).
- Removed "General > Enable CapsLock LED Hack".
If you're using this setting for PCKeyboardHack,
use "No Action" configuration instead.
- Clean up "Simultaneous Vi Mode".
(and split some options into "Home Row Arrow and Modifier Mode".)
- Added "[Key Overlaid Modifier] Initial Modifier Wait" preference into "Key Repeat" tab.
KeyOverlaidModifier changes key to modifier after this wait.
This preference is useful if your typing speed is too fast.
- Added --DropScrollWheel--.
- Some minor improvements.
- Added some settings to preset.
= version 7.3.0 =
- Improved stability when using Sticky Keys in Universal Access.
- Improved stability when using multi-touch extension together.
- Improved "Lazy-Modifier (KeyCode::VK_LAZY_*)" behavior.
- Some minor improvements.
- Clean up the internal source code. The connection between kernel and userspace became more easier to understand.
- Added KeyCode::VK_MOUSEKEY_BUTTON_*.
- Added Option::NOREPEAT at <autogen>.
- Added DeviceProduct::ANY at <device_only>, <device_not>.
- Added about 80 kinds settings.
= version 7.2.0 =
- Fixed a bug that Growl notification did not work in specific environment.
- Fixed a bug that the default setting of checkForUpdate was "Nothing".
- Improved multi-touch extension around sleep/wakeup.
- Added about 20 kinds settings.
= version 7.1.0 =
- Added setting to be able to use "Logitech Number Pad" which we were not able not use in Mac OS X.
Activate "Change KeyPad Key > Logitech Number Pad Hack".
- Replaced StatusWindow with Growl.
StatusWindow was displaying the lock state of modifiers and extra message.
Now, these messages are shown by Growl.
- Attached an application named "multi-touch extension".
This application activates specific setting while fingers touch the multi-touch device.
ThumbSense is one of the function which this application supplies.
- Improve UI of checkForUpdate.
- Fixed some bugs.
- Added about 140 kinds settings.
- Added <modifier_only>, <modifier_not> filters.
- Added --ForceNumLockOn-- to <autogen>.
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