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thank you for this great software. I noticed it does not seem to work anymore under the first beta of 10.12. What can I provide you to help diagnose and fix the issue (I tried digging the logs but without any luck) ?



Yes, I've noticed this too. The program runs without complaint, but none of my key mappings take effect.


Seil is dead too.



mko-io commented Jun 15, 2016

Same thing here, I was using it everyday, please fix it

bosr commented Jun 15, 2016

Yep, it's out for devs to find bugs/incompatibilities in/with existing apps!


Yep,find that too.

w0rd3r commented Jun 18, 2016

Hello, I also experience the same thing as everyone : none of the previous mappings I did work now.

tekezo commented Jun 18, 2016

macOS 10.12 changes of the generic keyboard and mouse drivers made a great impact on Karabiner and Seil.
We should make a large changes in Karabiner and Seil architecture.
There is not a workaround for this issue.

Please wait an update of Karabiner and Seil for macOS 10.12.
(It may take a long time.)


@tekezo really appeciate your work!


I should've checked before, now I have to downgrade :( 3 hours backup and counting.


Is there anything I can do to help this along as a user / tester? (I know C++, but not OS/X, so I can't help there yet.)

tekezo commented Jun 29, 2016

@mkleehammer Thank you!
The development progress is not reached to the testing stage yet.
I'll inform the beta release at here. Please wait.


Somebody test on sierra beta 2 ?

soffchen commented Jul 6, 2016

Still getting kernel ext error on Sierra beta 2


Still not working on public beta1

liasica commented Jul 11, 2016

Still not working on 10.12 pb1 too

zanderzhng commented Jul 11, 2016 edited

I think we've had enough not working on macOS Sierra PB1 comments. It should already be WIP.

wd commented Jul 12, 2016

Sorry, but may I ask about the time to fix this problem? I'm very dependent on this tool in daily use, If it will be a long time to fix, I'll consider to go back to 10.11.

tekezo commented Jul 12, 2016

@wd It takes more time. Please go back to 10.11 at the moment.

I'm working on prototying the next generation of Karabiner and Seil but I have to solve many problems.

pinver commented Jul 16, 2016

Great work tekezo: what about Sail? I just need to remap esc to caps-lock, for vim usage...

christopherdwhite commented Jul 29, 2016 edited

@tekezo Thanks for working on this and building such an incredible tool, I didn't realize how much I would miss it until it wasn't available. โค๏ธ


Somebody try this ? I'm not has sierra installed, can't use this and not undestand what is it)) but site layout like karabiner site.


To clarify, was anyone able to use the above ( to get Karabiner to work in 10.12? Or is it just for keyboard language switching (my understanding of the translation)? Also thank you tekezo, looking forward to Karabiner-Elements

dvkndn commented Aug 17, 2016 edited

@lidatong @sanchesfree It seems the reason of the karabiner link in that page is the author want to say that this app works with karabiner. I'm on Sierra now and as far as I see that app only for switch keyboard language. It is not karabiner or a helper for karabiner to run on Sierra.


For reference the Sierra code is being worked on at


Did you identify the issue with Sierra?

nikitavoloboev commented Sep 7, 2016 edited

I really think we should all donate some money to this project. It is really unbelievable that such project is being offered by free to all and is open source and is supported by just one person. I myself am just a student but the value that Karabiner has brought to me is invaluable. This is literally the only reason I cannot upgrade my OS right now. I really think we should support the development of this project.

Here is the page where we all can chip in to support this project. I just want to say thank you again to @tekezo for both your help and the utility you have created by making this powerful tool.

I am also really curious whether the new version will be compatible with the old private.xml as the one I have is over 5k lines and I am not looking forward to changing it. :|

I will chim in the money I have to the project though. Thank you again @tekezo for all the work you have done on this and your active support to provide support for the new update. โ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ


Donated. Thanks for all your hard work, looking forward to Sierra upgrade!

knu commented Sep 8, 2016

Donated. Buy yourself a good cup of coffee or tea of your choice and take a break!


Donated. Looking forward to a beta version for Sierra, I love using this tool.


Donated. Thanks for your work!


Donated. Please keep up the good work !
ใ„ใคใ‚‚ไฝฟใ‚ใ›ใฆใ„ใŸใ ใ„ใฆใŠใ‚Šใพใ™ใ€ๅฐ‚้–€ๅค–ใชใฎใงใ‚ณใƒผใƒ‰ใฎ่ฒข็Œฎใฏใงใใพใ›ใ‚“ใŒๅฐ‘้กใงใ™ใŒๅฏ„ไป˜ใ•ใ›ใฆใ„ใŸใ ใใพใ—ใŸใ€‚

quozd commented Sep 8, 2016

Donated. Thanks for your work!


Donated as well. Keep up the great work @tekezo ! Karabiner is really awesome and a central part of my workflow

TSFoster commented Sep 8, 2016

Donated. Good idea, @nikitavoloboev. I'm guessing Karabiner is very, very important to everybody reading this, and no doubt many others. It's easy to forget how much we rely on people's unpaid contributions to OSS, and the last couple of months without Karabiner/Seil have been a humble reminder of that (and also a humble reminder to not install a beta OS on your main machine!)

radiophage commented Sep 9, 2016 edited

Donated - thank you @tekezo ใ‚ใ‚ŠใŒใจใ†ใ”ใ–ใ„ใพใ—ใŸ


ๅคงๅค‰ๆœ‰ใ‚Š้›ฃใ(็ฉบๆฐ—ใฎใ‚ˆใ†ใซ)ไฝฟใ‚ใ›ใฆใ„ใŸใ ใ„ใฆใŠใ‚Šใพใ—ใŸใ€‚
ใ“ใจmac + vimใƒฆใƒผใ‚ถใซใฏๆฌ ใ‹ใ›ใชใ„ใƒ„ใƒผใƒซใชใฎใงใฏใชใ„ใ‹ใจๆ€ใ„ใพใ™ใ€‚
ใจใฆใ‚‚ๅฐ‘้กใงใ™ใŒๅฏ„ไป˜ใ•ใ›ใฆใ„ใŸใ ใใพใ—ใŸใ€‚

็ ‚ๅŽŸ ๆญฃๅนธ

On Fri, Sep 9, 2016 at 11:52 AM, radiophage

Donated - thank you @tekezo

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volsk commented Sep 9, 2016

Donated. Thanks @tekezo


Donated. Thanks @tekezo. Keep up the good work.

Now that I can't use Karabiner on macOS Sierra, I realize how important it was to my workflow. Can't wait to get my hands on Karabiner update.

bosr commented Sep 10, 2016

Donated. Thanks @tekezo


Donated too. Thanks for giving us this amazing tool that makes our workflow more productive and more confortable to us @tekezo!

heronlyj commented Sep 12, 2016 edited

Donated. Thanks @tekezo,

ccJulia commented Sep 12, 2016

Is there any update on this issue? I updated to macOS Sierra (business requirement) and now I am without my CMD key (using a Kinesis Keyboard that doesn't provide it by itself). You mentioned it might take a while, @tekezo โ€“ do you by any chance have an ETA as to when we can expect a Sierra ready Karabiner version?

zchee commented Sep 12, 2016

@ccJulia See internal code.

It still has not the document because of the early prototyping stage, also I don't know can customize the CMD key
But other the mapping(i.e. caps lock, cursor speed) works fine on my Sierra with Kinesis Advantage.


I am curious @zchee, does it have the same xml syntax? I mean if I do update when the update is finished, do I need to tweak things to transfer my setup?

zchee commented Sep 12, 2016 edited

@nikitavoloboev I don't like to explain it on behalf of the author... (because I could be wrong, and He might think that annoying)

I don't know Karabiner-Elements still have the xml configuration interface, but Definitely, have json interface (at present).

It may be understood with reading an internal C++ source.
Basically, C++ code is very confusing, but Karabiner-Elements code is very simple and beautiful.

Karabiner App is a very important tool for me because I use Dvorak. Thanks @tekezo

zchee commented Sep 12, 2016 edited

Sorry, nitpicky and just in case, @nikitavoloboev, If you can't read the C++, Please do not update Sierra.
Karabiner-Elements usage will very different (I don't know truth, It's my feeling).

But Karabiner-Elements is Next generation.
If not have a backward compatibility, but inevitable. Because nextgen, and Apple has been changed framework(IOKit?) API.

Let's continue to cheer @tekezo together.

lomafor commented Sep 12, 2016

Donated. Thanks @tekezo


Donated. Thanks for your work!

tobsn commented Sep 16, 2016

Donated. Need Sierra update! :D

xcv58 commented Sep 16, 2016

Donated, I really appreciate your work.


Y'all a github issue is not the place to brag that you've donated. The developer is already getting donation alerts.


It's not bragging. I think I speak for everyone when I say, we posted here to show our appreciation to the developer with a personal message. Also new posts in this thread keep the idea/reminder floating on the top.

Anyway, to each his own.

sovanyio commented Sep 16, 2016 edited

Lets put it this way, each of the 44 participants in this issue gets an email every time someone is "+1 me too donation!" and in the beginning, I was excited because I thought that reflected development progress and was dismayed to see it was just people telling other people that they donated. If you want to show continued interest then use the built in github tools like the +1 on the original post, et al.


FYI: At the bottom of the email is a "mite this thread" link.

@aleksandrs-ledovskis aleksandrs-ledovskis added a commit to aleksandrs-ledovskis/machine-config that referenced this issue Sep 18, 2016
@aleksandrs-ledovskis aleksandrs-ledovskis Switch to Karabiner-Elements
Since macOS 10.12 old combination/setup is not working due to API

+ Add "karabiner-elements" placeholder for Homebrew.
+ Add karabiner.json config. Doesn't precisely replicate old setup, but
that RShift was totally clean - putting it to good use
+ Drop Seil from install. Karabiner-Elements doesn't seem to need it.
+ Drop old Karabiner/Seil configs

Ref: tekezo/Karabiner#660
@talha131 talha131 added a commit to talha131/dotfiles that referenced this issue Sep 18, 2016
@talha131 talha131 Hammerspoon: Remap main key from hyper to alt
Hyper keep needs Karabiner to work. It does not support OS X 10.12 yet.
It is a temporary workaround.


What worked for me (for my external Corsair 70 kbd): the builtin macOS preferences > Keyboard > Modifier Keys > "change alt to Option, and Option to Alt, and if you are like me CapsLock to Ctrl". Then I don't need to wait for Karabiner/Seil fixes. I thought this could be helpful to someone (not discouraging from installing Karabiner/Seil, I love those apps)


I will be waiting for this version gets a fix. Karabiner Elements is a mess and don't let me have 2 keyboards working different way at same time.


@takezo Now that Sierra is live, would you consider a minor update that displays a one-time notification warning users that Karabiner will stop working if they upgrade? Iโ€™ve gotten used to Karabiner working through OS X upgrades so (regrettably) didnโ€™t bother to check the website, and I worry that others might do the same.

Thanks for all the work that youโ€™ve put in to Karabiner so far, by the way. It works so seamlessly that I forget itโ€™s even there most of the time!

mhumeSF commented Sep 21, 2016 edited

@joecridge fwiw, the site has the message posted already.

macOS not worth the upgrade if I can't have my keyboard shortcuts

doncl commented Sep 21, 2016 edited

Does anyone know the karabiner.json syntax for modifer keys? I'm trying to get the keypad stuff restored the way I want, and I've tried the following:

{ "profiles": [ { "name": "Default profile", "selected": true, "simple_modifications": { "keypad_7": "left_command,left_arrow", "keypad_1": "left_command,right_arrow", "keypad_9" : "left_option,page_up", "keypad_3" : "left_option,page_down" } } ] }

And I've also tried spaces and +, and...trying to find the spot in the code where it parses this. If anyone knows, I greatly would appreciate it. I sent 30 bucks to him; he deserves every penny, well, and more, actually.

Oh, and also, if anyone knows how to modify the key repeat speed. If I just knew the basic syntax for the above and the key repeat delay and speed, I'd be golden. Thanks in advance.

(a minute later) I'm looking at grabber_client.cpp, and it may well be that the code doesn't support what I'm asking for, yet. Can anyone confirm/deny? I guess I'll just need to be patient.

thanks for any clarity on this.


@doncl Seems like you are trying to do Karabiner-Elements #16.


I upgrade my mac to macOS Sierra offcial version , Vi mode was broken.

Lismont commented Sep 21, 2016

Eagerly waiting for compatibility with Sierra / Not enough knowledgeable to install Karabiner-Element / Thanks for your awesome work, just made a small donation.

volsk commented Sep 21, 2016 edited

Could we get more examples for karabiner.json? I'd like to know how to map the right option to forward delete for example. I can imagine other people would like to fiddle with it too. This would be greatly appreciated while we patiently wait for the full next version of Karabiner.

I solved it by looking at src/share/types.hpp. Based on this file I added

"right_option": "delete_forward"

to my karabiner.json.

ESWAT commented Sep 21, 2016


And more examples for configuration for karabiner-elements would be awesome, such as just changing the keyboard layout (I was using Workman layout but now had to revert to qwerty).

laktak commented Sep 21, 2016

@volsk also see tekezo/Karabiner-Elements#43

xyoun commented Sep 21, 2016

Donated. Thanks @tekezo

Caf commented Sep 21, 2016

Donated. Thanks @tekezo for that awesome work. :)

asm0dey commented Sep 21, 2016



Donated. Thanks @tekazo ! Looking forward to MacOS Sierra compatibility!


Donated. Thanks @tekezo.

bobobox commented Sep 21, 2016 edited

Donated as well. I had no idea how lost I would be without systemwide vi mode in Sierra!!!


Donated, great work ! Can't live without it on Sierra !


Donated, keep up the good work.
I only use Karabiner to swap ~ with ยง because I have international keyboard and tilde is between "z" and shift, and I'm used to having it below escape, so its not really urgent for me :)

quozd commented Sep 21, 2016

@turshija Karabiner-Elements can already handle it and there is even how-to for this issue in the documentation. I also use karabiner for exactly the same




Having the same problem on macOS 10.12

bnqtoan commented Sep 22, 2016

I have a problem with "Disable an internal keyboard while external keyboards are connected", this option worked on EL Capital but take no effect on macOS.

I hope this issue can be fixed ASAP because my internal keyboard sucked and I can not work with it connected.

Thank you so much!


I hate to be "that guy", but I'd recommend we stop with posting when we have donated. I'm following this thread for updates to the actual issue and, though it is awesome that so many are donating, and I hope that many more do, I'd propose we put โค๏ธ s on the original post instead of posting here to show that we have donated so that we can leave the thread focused on the actual issue. If that sounds reasonable, please ๐Ÿ‘ and do not reply ๐Ÿ˜œ


So does it still can't work on 10.12 until today ? I test it can't worked?


I believe it's not working. I just updated to Sierra and the Karabiner is still not working. I'm using 10.21.0 and it says it's the latest version. Really hope it works again.

dries commented Sep 22, 2016

For people who just want to increase the key repeat rate beyond the UI maximum see


In case anyone hasn't noticed, the README for Karabiner-Elements shows how you can install it and a few sample examples of how you can configure it.

So, if anyone is interested in something like a simple remap of Caps Lock to Escape for use with Vim/Vi, then that's already possible with this config file.


@solidcell do you know if there is support for flagging a profile as only active on the built-in keyboard on a laptop? Tried looking through the docs but couldn't determine if its supported yet.


Sorry, I have no idea. I only looked into it enough to see that I could do the Caps Lock to Escape remapping, as that's all I use it for. Good luck.


do you know if there is support for flagging a profile as only active on the built-in keyboard on a laptop?

@sovanyio It is not supported yet. See tekezo/Karabiner-Elements#31. There is this hack tekezo/Karabiner-Elements#67 that you can try.

NeuronYzbuzz commented Sep 22, 2016 edited

Still not working :( And I can't do this issue: tekezo/Karabiner-Elements#67 :( How to do it? I'm a typical, stupid user :(

nicksergeant commented Sep 22, 2016 edited

Folks, replying to this thread saying "it's not working" is not helping. It appears that further development on Karabiner for support of Sierra and beyond is being done at

Here's what you can do in the meantime:

  1. Star or watch the new repo for progress.
  2. Donate at
  3. Try another piece of software until work is finished on Karabiner-Elements. I was able to migrate most of the functionality I had configured in Karabiner over to Keyboard Maestro (not all of it, but enough to get by until work on Karabiner-Elements progresses).
  4. Learn to code and see if you can help out on Karabiner-Elements.
  5. Subscribe to this thread. It is located to the right, next to the comment box:
  6. Encourage folks to stop +1ing this thread with comments (and other open-source issues where it's clear the author is aware of a high-priority request). The barrage of "me too" comments can be very disheartening when you're just trying to write good code and build something useful.
redigiovanni commented Sep 23, 2016 edited

Karabiner is absolutely a great tool that I've come to rely on every day.... it's a can't live without it tool once you start using it.... I learned the hard way that Sierra is completely incompatible with it for now, and feel like an idiot for not checking first like I normally do! I just got done with the painstakingly long 6-8 hour procedure to revert back to El Capitan... Ugh! But it was well worth the effort to get it back.... I'll never forget again to always always always check compatibility issues with any OS X upgrades!

I checked out Keyboard Maestro as previous commenter mentioned, looks good but cost is $36. Karabiner has more functionality, especially with regard to customizing your keyboard. I used it to program a chorded keyboard set up similar to that of that allows me to enter the entire alphabet and more with just the 8 keys asdf_jkl; of the homerow. That being said, I decided to just revert back to El Capitan instead, and to make a donation to the Karabiner developers at:
to assist them in the extensive efforts that will be required to make it compatible with Sierra.

irliao commented Sep 23, 2016

Donated. Thank you for all your hard work and keep up the amazing work! @tekezo

@talha131 talha131 referenced this issue in tekezo/Karabiner-Elements Sep 23, 2016

purpose #109


Donated. Thank you @tekezo for a great product.

@st3v3nhunt st3v3nhunt added a commit to st3v3nhunt/dotfiles that referenced this issue Sep 23, 2016
@st3v3nhunt st3v3nhunt โšช๏ธ Karabiner-Elements configuration for macOS Sierra
[Karabiner]( is not compatible with
macOS Sierra, see
[Karabiner-Elements]( is
the replacement.

This commit contains the configuration required to switch the `command`
and the `option` keys on the external USB keyboard. Along with
making the funny key in the top left of the keyboard (looks like a
doubled `s`) become the tilde `~`.

Donated. Thank you so much @tekezo for your awesome work.


If only I could figure out how to enable Karabiner's "remap.jis_command2eisuukana_prefer_command" equivalent in Karabiner-Elements life would be better. Is only simple-remapping possible now ?

eugeneyan commented Sep 24, 2016 edited

Karabiner-elements works amazing with remapping keys. Nonetheless, one feature heavily relied on is using the trackball to scroll, by right clicking and moving the cursor.

I'm having difficulty coverting the xml snippet to the equivalent json for karabiner-elements. Would anyone have any ideas?

<appendix>RightClick+CursorMove to ScrollWheel</appendix>
<appendix>(using __PointingRelativeToScroll__ and PointingButton::*</appendix>
<autogen>__PointingRelativeToScroll__ PointingButton::RIGHT</autogen>

Sorry for the spam, but since unsubscribing has been suggested already, I thought Iโ€™d point out that people generally know about the unsubscribe button, but actually want to remain subscribed so that they donโ€™t miss any interesting developer updates.

The โ€œ+1โ€ ball has already started rolling here, though, so Iโ€™m going to suggest something a bit unorthodox: keep using this issue for โ€+1โ€s and general discussion; unsubscribe from it if thatโ€™s not your cup of tea; and subscribe to #739 instead if you just want dev updates.

I hope thatโ€™s in some way constructive ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

iryan2 commented Oct 7, 2016


wufeifei commented Oct 7, 2016

If you want only change Option_L(Alt) to Command_L on macOS Sierra:

Open System Preferences->Keyboard->Modifier Key, then

Change Option Key to Command and Command Key to Option

It works on macOS Sierra : )

alswl commented Oct 9, 2016

Donated. wait for new version.

AA33 commented Oct 10, 2016 edited

๐Ÿ‘ Waiting for the update. Getting along using keyboard maestro for now.

@jacobroufa jacobroufa referenced this issue in gnarf/osx-compose-key Oct 13, 2016

Upgrade to OSX Sierra breaks functionality #15

flipdazed commented Oct 15, 2016 edited

Can confirm [Karabiner-Elements](Karabiner Elements) works for left_control to left_command For anyone like myself urgently requiring a keyboard remapping for basic Mac work this is a solution... Mac does not recognise my Windows keyboard: RedDragon Yaksa

screen shot 2016-10-15 at 02 45 15

JimCor commented Oct 17, 2016

Really missing the vim style hjkl keys as arrow keys that karabiner gave me pre-Sierra.
Any options?


@jimcor If you have invested some time in customising Karabiner, it's worth downgrading.

Axiol commented Oct 18, 2016

Looks like the option to disable the internal keyboard when an external is plugged in is broken too sadly.

yetone commented Oct 18, 2016

@alswl ๐Ÿ‘

robhuska commented Oct 18, 2016 edited

Really looking forward to this being updated. I have seen the Karabiner Elements project, but I am just not comfortable enough to build the dmg myself. @tekezo Is there anyway you could build the latest and put a link on your github page to the dmg?

Never mind, I just saw this is already done! I must have skimmed right over it... Thanks!!!!

@pkamb pkamb referenced this issue in pkamb/PowerKey Oct 19, 2016

Powerkey too slow #47


I've not upgraded to Sierra yet. Just curious if the capslock key hold for CTRL, press for ESC functionality has broken?

If so has anyone got a recommendation for an alternative?


Is there any way in the current Karabiner Elements to disable the left shift? Due to spillage some time ago my left shift is always registered as pushed down and I have used Karabiner to disable it.

hnn commented Oct 21, 2016

@esundfeldt Under the "Simple Modifications" tab, add an item and select "left_shift" as "From key" and "vk_none" (almost at the bottom of the list) as "To key".
This should produce the result you are looking for.

@simonsmith A setup like this can probably be set up by combining Karabiner Elements and Hammerspoon, as with Brett Terpstra's new hyperkey setup.

axpence commented Oct 26, 2016

Does anybody have any suggestions as to how to enable "vi mode" in Sierra? I only used "s + j" keys for the "up arrow", "s+ h" keys for the left arrow, etc.

I never realized how dependent on Karabiner I'd become until upgrading!!

lucascosta commented Oct 27, 2016 edited

I have been able to modify some of what I used Karabiner for using Better Touch Tools. Just map a Global Keyboard keys to "Trigger Other Keyboard Shortcut".

JimCor commented Oct 27, 2016

@lucascosta Do you know if 'Better Touch Tools' can do the the vim style hjkl keys as arrow keys?


Ouch - The broken compatibility really hurts with the new Macbooks going to a 'soft' ESC key.


@ChrisWeiss this is why sierra now allows you to remap esc to capslock out of the box. There are also plenty of other solutions above for most of the other variations of capslock as esc in this thread.


Is there any solution yet for the Capslock as ESC if pressed by itself and Capslock as Control if pressed with another key?


Thanks @simonsmith.
I've been a bit off, is Karabiner ever gonna be released for Sierra?


@blackxored According to the homepage, Elements is the first one to work:

macOS Sierra support status

Karabiner does not work on macOS Sierra at the moment.

We are developing Karabiner-Elements which provides simple key modification for macOS Sierra at first.
(Karabiner-Elements works on macOS Sierra except prefernces GUI.)

We'll start updating for the full featured Karabiner for Sierra after Karabiner-Elements is completed.


@JimCor I believe so, you can even set it to a specific app. I don't know if you can turn it on and off by changing presets though.


Here's my fork of a Elements + Hammerspoon fix that worked for me to restore much of the lost functionality in Sierra:
@JimCor This implements vim style directional arrows including key modifiers.

axpence commented Oct 29, 2016

@braydenm how do you use it once it is installed? Looking over the init.lua script i wasn't able to decipher

braydenm commented Oct 30, 2016 edited

@axpence The readme should have full instructions. Install Hammerspoon. Install Karabiner-Elements. Then open Hammerspoon and make sure the init.lua script loads.


It seems like the newest version still doesn't work under macOS 10.12.1.
2016-11-04 9 21 24
2016-11-04 9 22 03
It said version 10.22.0 supports macOS 10.12!


@Liqiankun what said that? Nothing I've seen.

simonsmith commented Nov 8, 2016 edited

@filipechagas There is a way yes. You need to use a custom version of Elements that includes the changes in this PR: tekezo/Karabiner-Elements#247

Thankfully someone has created a .dmg of those changes in this comment - tekezo/Karabiner-Elements#170 (comment)

Once installed you can follow from step 2 here - tekezo/Karabiner-Elements#247 (comment)

Just replace capslock with your desired key.


Thank you @simonsmith !

milo-42 commented Nov 10, 2016

Donated, love your software. Would be great if you got it working for Sierra.

Link if others want to donate:

axpence commented Nov 11, 2016

+1 for Sierra !! Any ETA ?


On Wed, Nov 9, 2016 at 9:31 PM, milo-42 wrote:

Donated, love your software. Would be great if you got it working for

Link if others want to donate:

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+1 for Sierra as well!


Elements is looking ok, but karabiner is already much more powerful. Wouldn't time be best spent first getting Karabiner working with Sierra, as it seems a lot of people have been upended by the unexpected loss of functionality due to that upgrade? I would donate if I knew that time was being spent to fix the product that's already out there rather than create something from scratch. Apologies if I'm naively missing any major reasons why you need to be doing that though, just hoping to get the workflow I've been using for years working again (especially toggling profiles on certain keypresses).



Apologies if I'm naively missing any major reasons why you need to be doing that though

Yes you are missing the reason @tekezo posted earlier in this very thread.

macOS 10.12 changes of the generic keyboard and mouse drivers made a great impact on Karabiner and Seil.
We should make a large changes in Karabiner and Seil architecture.
There is not a workaround for this issue.

Please wait an update of Karabiner and Seil for macOS 10.12.
(It may take a long time.)

Zequez commented Nov 13, 2016

For anyone struggling from not having VIM style hjkl mapped to arrow keys, you can use BetterTouchTools to map those keys. Since it works at a higher level, it's not as quick and snappy as Karabiner, but it's a decent workaround until support for Sierra is implemented.

It's a little tedious to map the keys, but they work. Here is how it looks for me (I use NEIO because Colemak)


For those looking for a quick fix for the replacement of the useless ยฑ and ยง signs to tilde (~) and back tick () (very useful for programmers and people writing, for instance, markdown languages), I found not only the instructions on where to grab the proper.dmg` for Karabiner-Elements (the evolution of Karabiner) but also a screenshot as to how to configure the mapping. It's all in this Apple's StackExchange post.


Hello, I would like only replace my , to . on my belgian french apple keyboard numerical keypad.

Is this only solution? I use Sierra ...
I have tested with K Elements but not success ... :(

QuadraQ commented Nov 14, 2016

Does anyone know of a way to get BOTH macOS Sierra and MS Remote Desktop to swap the command and control keys? I used to use Karabiner to solve this issue, but now the only option is to go into System Preferences and swap them there, but that means I have to choose which environment will be "broken". If I swap them in System Preferences then macOS works but Remote desktop swaps them back! (A simple option in Remote Desktop would solve this - extremely annoying.) It's driving me crazy when switching back and forth between environments.


I can switch command and control with Karabiner Elements. This way I get Ctrl+C for copy etc. in MacOS. Problem is that when i RDP into a Windows machine I get Command+C for copy when I really wanted Ctrl+C there too. It would be nice if elements had an option for not applying the mapping to certain apps like karabiner had.

mikaben89 commented Nov 15, 2016 edited

I can switch command and control with Karabiner Elements. This way I get Ctrl+C for copy etc. in MacOS

Hey @jonaskello , can you share your json config fot Karabiner Element for the Windows Copy/Paste pls ? I'have been trying since I installed official Sierra update but never got the right config


@mikaben89 Not sure where the json config file is located?
I just selected:
fromkey -- tokey
left_command --- left_control
left_control --- left_command
(I don't have a right control since I'm on a macbook)


Apple probably killed this app because they knew this app could be better than new touchbar....smh


I'm trying to build Karabiner-Elements, could use help understanding this error:

bash-3.2$ make
git clean -f -x -d
Removing Karabiner-Elements-0.90.64.dmg
Removing pkginfo/Distribution.xml
Removing pkgroot/
Removing src/apps/EventViewer/Info.plist
Removing src/apps/PreferencesWindow/PreferencesWindow/Info.plist
Removing src/apps/Updater/Updater/Info.plist
Removing src/apps/lib/libkrbn/build/
Removing src/core/grabber/.DS_Store
Removing src/share/karabiner_version.h
Removing src/vendor/Karabiner-VirtualHIDDevice/src/VirtualHIDManager/Info.plist
make build
................................** BUILD FAILED **

The following commands produced analyzer issues:
    AnalyzeShallow libkrbn_system_preferences_monitor.cpp
    AnalyzeShallow libkrbn_configuration_monitor.cpp
    AnalyzeShallow libkrbn_device_monitor.cpp
(3 commands with analyzer issues)

The following build commands failed:
    CompileC build/ libkrbn_system_preferences_monitor.cpp normal x86_64 c++
(1 failure)
make[4]: *** [all] Error 65
make[3]: *** [all] Error 2
make[2]: *** [all] Error 2
make[1]: *** [build] Error 2

It continues on to build a .dmg, but not one that works.


@elkind00 this is the Karabiner repo. Please leave issues for Karabiner-Elements on its repo.


This program makes a Mac usable for cross-platform people. And with newer hardware coming out, it's getting harder and harder to keep using El Capitan. I am not sure why all requests for an ETA for Sierra keep getting down voted, but .. well, here is another polite request asking for a rough ETA for Sierra compatibility.

I have tried karabiner-elements btw, its good and it works but I wish it supported more complex key remappings. For instance, I can remap CTRL<->CMD, but I'd like to remap CTRL_C <--> CMD_C .. (and some others).

Really really looking forward to a MacOS Sierra compatible Karabiner release soon.


@maliksahil I agree. I find it incredibly disappointing that this critical problem hasn't been solved yet, but then again, it's a free app and its developer has no obligation to fix anything. I just know that if it had been me, I would have jumped on this immediately rather than starting over with something new.


@alvaro1728 This issue was filed on June 14, and on June 18 @tekezo acknowledged that he was working on itโ€”that sounds pretty close to โ€œimmediatelyโ€ to me.

And from what I gather, it seems as if Apple munged the API that he was using, so I could hardly blame him if it might end up taking a while (if ever) before Karabiner works on Sierra.


@handcoding It's been 5 (very long) months. At this point, I don't expect Karabiner to get fixed for Sierra. My understanding is that Karabiner Elements is the replacement, which leads to my point. Why not fix the problem on the original app instead of working on a brand new app that will fix the problem?

milo-42 commented Nov 17, 2016

@alvaro1728 I'm not affiliated with the developer but I can say from personal experience that sometimes it's easier to write a new piece of software rather than to port an old one to a new platform. This might involve re-using code from the previous project and might not be a "total rewrite". However, when fundamental architectural changes need to occur, it can be easier to start with a blank-ish slate.

alvaro1728 commented Nov 17, 2016 edited

@milo-42 Yeah, I imagine that's what happened but the wait has been very long and full of frustration. Sorry for venting. I hope we get the old Karabiner features back soon on Sierra -- it's the one thing that made moving to the Mac platform acceptable.

milo-42 commented Nov 17, 2016

@alvaro1728 I feel your pain. I work in a very heterogenous environment which includes a Windows VM and Microsoft RDP (among other things) and I had a unified set of key-bindings across all my applications. I took this opportunity to reduce the amount of keyboard customization I had. Anytime you customize heavily, the risk of upgrades becoming difficult and stuff breaking increases.

So I looked at which key-bindings were the most productive for me, the ones I really loved, could not live without, etc (mostly modifier+{h,j,k,l} type stuff for moving around lines). I found alternatives for getting these key-bindings in place. Nonetheless, there's nothing quite like Karabiner. Great piece of software.

Another alternative -- programmable keyboards. This would probably give you everything you could ever need I imagine (haven't tried personally). It would make your keymapping configuration independent of any changes to the OS (other than changes in OS-level default keymappings of course). But that's way more than what I need or have time for.


I also suspect this was an opportunity for @tekezo to really clean up the architecture. Since the core requires a rewrite, why not go ahead and do a full rewrite to make other changes you've been wanting to do.

For example, Karabiner only has a predefined set of key reassignments. To add your own, you have to create your own XML file (yuk!). Karabiner elements uses JSON (much nicer), and has a GUI that supports arbitrary reassignments. So even though the feature parity is very low so far, it's already much nicer in this respect.

I also want to point out that @tekezo is mostly working on this by himself (though there are some pull requests), and it does indeed appear to be in active development (minus a break in the past week or so).

maliksahil commented Nov 18, 2016 edited

@asmeurer unfortunately I see almost no commits in karabiner, so I really wonder if it is getting ignored. The couple of commits you see are very very minor changes.

It would be just AMAZING if karabiner elements got just two features added to it -

#1. Remap any keycode to any keycode arbitrarily, and not have to pick from a list.
#2. Allow remappings to be app specific.

That said, I realize @tekezo is doing this as a one man team, mostly on donations. While he deserves our thanks, I like many others find this program essential, and there is no substitute for it.

At this point, I wouldn't even mind if he sold this as a product, charged money for it, but promised some transparency/release timelines.

Either way, I am hugely thankful for this program. I just wish we had some visibility into a release timeline/plans.

jshrek commented Nov 23, 2016

Is Elements able to remap the Eject key to Forward Delete? I am not seeing EJECT in the drop down for the simple modifications.

jshrek commented Nov 24, 2016

Also, I am assuming Simple Modifications means single key to single key remappings only? Or am I able to remap right_option_key to left_command+right_arrow? I understand its still under development so just wondering what can and can not be done with it right now.

jshrek commented Nov 24, 2016 edited

FYI: I found this app that will remap the Power/Eject key to Forward Delete:

You can open it in Xcode, Archive and then export to your Mac to get working copy of the app.

This appears to be correct link:

pkamb commented Nov 29, 2016

Over at the Sierra Compatibility Dev Discussion ticket, I noted that I opened a Bug Report (rdar://29426145) to hopefully get this on Apple's radar and potentially lead to a legacy keyboard driver compatibility fix in a future version of OS X.

If others here are looking for Sierra compatibility, it would be helpful if you would duplicate this radar.

Directions and ticket to duplicate here: #739 (comment)


Hope this will work soon! I don't care about the Element version, which doesn't work for me at all.


hendysg commented Dec 1, 2016

Donated! Thank you! :)

asm0dey commented Dec 1, 2016

@Kimi-Arthur de facto this is won't fix.

tj8295 commented Dec 1, 2016
jshrek commented Dec 1, 2016

I started using BetterTouchTool which allows me to remap most key combinations that I used to be able to do with Karabiner. BTT includes remapping of keyboard, mouse, track pad and gestures. BTT does not let you remap the Power key or Eject key, but I posted a link a few posts up about that.

I always preferred Karabiner over BTT but with the Sierra incompatibilty obviously had to find a work around. I look forward to Karabiner Elements being fully functional.

tj8295 commented Dec 1, 2016
CWright777 commented Dec 8, 2016 edited

Donated, thank you!


Donated twice, since you couldn't change the amount. Sierra support would be nice, but even if it never happens, all the efficiency I've gotten over the years from Karabiner makes it more than worth it. Many thanks, @tekezo!

QuadraQ commented Dec 16, 2016

@tekezo, can you update the status?


Donated, thanks for all the amount of work done!


While I loved using Karabiner for years, I found KHD perfect.
Posting here for those struggling with this Sierra issue. KHD did what I wanted perfectly.

therealmarv commented Dec 30, 2016 edited

Big thanks for khd suggestion! I will try to use Karabiner Elements + khd together at the moment. khd is not perfect in remapping (it caused loops at the moment in some y and z remapping on my side) but very good for hotkey actions (like e.g. vim mode style navigation, Umlauts etc.).

ain commented Jan 4, 2017

khd is HomeBrew-bound and its make fails. Comes across as completely immature.


Donated - thank you @tekezo!

tj8295 commented Jan 20, 2017
jart commented Jan 26, 2017 edited

Edit: Apple might be more culpable, for removing the API.

Karabiner no longer works. At all.

Reading this thread, it appears ~40 people have made donations to @tekezo in order to fix this bug. It's been open for seven months, and people keep donating. Yet @tekezo has completely abandoned the project. In fact, it's worse. He hasn't even demonstrated the good faith to post here thanking all these people for their generous support, even though he continues to be an active developer on GitHub.

Karabiner-Elements can't do half the things Karabiner does. Nor can KHD. Karabiner needs to be fixed. I can't use my favorite IBM Model F 122-key Terminal keyboard anymore, since there doesn't appear to be a sufficient replacement for the things Karabiner did. This makes me so sad.

I'm an open source developer. I believe strongly in serving users. However I understand that open source developers are under no obligation to do so. But there are still some standards by which we can hold them accountable. When one publishes a piece of software that others depend upon, he at the bare minimum has an obligation to find someone else to maintain the project if he no longer wishes to do so. He also has a responsibility to not accept money for things he's not doing.


Personally, I've given up hope - this is an abandoned project. Zero commits in > 7 months.
While @tekezo is under no obligation to support this project (things come up), I also feel that he should not be asking for donations for an abandoned project. 7 months of zero activity, zero responses to all the comments here, but the panhandling continues. Just not right.


@jart, @maliksahil : From what I gather, it seems as if Apple munged the API that @tekezo was usingโ€”so thereโ€™s a chance that it might not ever be possible to get Karabiner working on Sierra. By all accounts, tekezo is doing the best that he can with the cards that heโ€™s been dealt by putting his efforts toward a fresh slate with Karabiner-Elements.

I canโ€™t blame you if youโ€™re bummed about thisโ€”as I am tooโ€”but if you want to be mad, Iโ€™d be mad at Apple for botching the API that formed the backbone of Karabiner.

Caf commented Jan 26, 2017 edited

@jart, @maliksahil : Those API changes already killed SmoothMouse, so I'm pretty happy that I can work with Karabiner-Elements. He's working a lot on it, he's the only one doing it, and I find pretty sad to see ppl mad about this. No, he's not going to leave his day job so you can plug in your beloved keyboard faster. Sorry. He's not wasting time in forums either. That's actually a good point in my book...

And you have to remember that K-E is actually the new foundation for Karabiner. So saying he's not working on it is just wrong. Oh sorry, alt-facts... ๐Ÿ˜ฌ


Actually, @tekezo didn't ask for donations. An unaffiliated happy customer wanted to provide thanks for his previous years of solid enjoyment of the app and other users jumped in.

milo-42 commented Jan 26, 2017

I agree with @ChrisWeiss. When I donated, it was without any expectation of a new release. I donated because of how much I benefited from previous versions of his software over the years.

It is sad to see the project die though. If he is in fact unable to continue work on it, it would be good to hand it off to another developer/maintainer.

jart commented Jan 26, 2017

@handcoding Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I think there's a very simple solution to problems such as these, which is communication. If Karabiner is fundamentally unfixable and can no longer exist on Mac OS Sierraโ€”through no fault of the authorโ€”then maybe it would be better if this issue was closed and further discussion was redirected to Apple Support. However I am skeptical, because some of the functionality appears to have been resurrected in Karabiner-Elements. So I'd like to at least know what subset is unfixable, and why Karabiner can't continue on with some of its features removed.


@jart he did communicate here (if the link doesn't work just search for the first comment by @tekezo on this issue). It's just been swamped by other people here. Apparently the changes are quite fundamental. The project is not abandoned. There are quite a few recent comments to karabiner-elements.

deepakjois commented Jan 27, 2017 edited

For people complaining, please let @tekezo be. He is not accountable to you or anybody else, and no it does not matter whether you or someone else donated to this project (Itโ€™s a donation, remember!). Cannot believe the sense of entitlement some people have!

If you have a problem, consider forking the repository and contributing your own patches. Thatโ€™s what open source is about. Please stop discouraging people who contribute their time and resources expecting nothing in return, with your endless whining.

tobsn commented Jan 27, 2017

Well, it's just not possibly obviously - I donated and why not? The guy works on this for free essentially. I switched to BetterTouchTools meanwhile - once elements is finished I revisit.

@jart - Even after donating, which nobody forced anyone to, It's open source software and entitled U.S. style customer support bitching is out of line. If you are an "open source developer" and you need it so badly, it's an open source project, go fix it yourself.

jart commented Jan 27, 2017

@tobsn If you want to defend the author, I don't think using language like that is the right way to go about doing it.

therealmarv commented Jan 27, 2017 edited

@jart language please... people like you make me mad and make me wanna leave open source (I write open source myself for years). Really.... fix it yourself and contribute source code. Go deep into Hammerspoon and/or khd in combination with Karabiner Elements. My guess is more you have not tried hard enough. You should more blame Apple than ever blaming open source side projects.

jart commented Jan 27, 2017

@therealmarv All I'm saying is that @tekezo appears to have fixed the problem in Karabiner-Elements. Why can't he fix it in Karabiner? Also take into consideration that "fix it yourself" isn't always an option. Most employers have policies in place that prevent one from contributing a non trivial patch to an open source project without going through red tape. Also consider that, when a project is abandoned and its founder is AWOL, the likelihood that a pull request would be merged rapidly approaches zero. So any time spent working on such a contribution would likely be wasted.

cmsj commented Jan 27, 2017

@jart Karabiner cannot be fixed, Apple changed the HID layer of the kernel. The way Karabiner worked cannot be applied to Sierra kernels. Period.

Karabiner-Elements is a complete rewrite of Karabiner that is compatible with the new HID layer in Sierra's kernel. Karabiner is de-facto abandoned because IT CANNOT WORK ANYMORE.

Karabiner Elements is being worked on almost every day. FOR FREE. FOR YOU. tekezo is NOT AWOL.

It already works for simple remappings, and there is an Issue open on it, created by tekezo, to add support for the more complex features that Karabiner had. If you looked at the Karabiner repo you would see that work on Karabiner began in January 2008. That's 9 years ago. Nine years to get Karabiner to the awesome tool it was up to El Capitan. You cannot expect a complete rewrite to reach full feature parity in the few months since Sierra has been available.

Please stop being negative, tekezo has done amazing, amazing work for all of us, FOR FREE. Some of us have chosen to donate, but we were never asked to. Everyone understands that it is inconvenient for you to lose the functionality of Karabiner, we are all feeling the pain too, but shit-posting about it on GitHub is going to do nothing except make you look bad. You are wrong, please accept it quietly and be patient.

I'm sorry I'm being quite harsh here, but as a long-time open source developer myself, I understand how demoralising it can be to see rude demands about how you should choose to spend your free time. Tekezo is AWESOME and we love him.


@cmsj It's evident that the "pain" of losing keyboard remappings has affected some more than others. I felt it tremendously after using Windows all my professional life and then having to move to the Mac. Karabiner brought back the joy of all the Ctrl shortcuts, which to me feel a lot more natural than the Cmd ones. Heck, I even physically swapped the "control" and "fn" keys on my Macbook so that they would stay consistent with the external keyboard. Karabiner allowed all that seamlessly... and then I upgraded to Sierra and the pain returned. It seemed like something that could and should have been fixed right away and I still don't understand how starting from scratch was the only recourse. (Perhaps the code wasn't modularized to allow it.) Alas, I don't have the time or expertise to contribute to the project so waiting patiently for Karabiner-Elements to come up to speed feature-wise is all I can do. So I'll be waiting.

doncl commented Jan 28, 2017

@alvaro1728 I agree with your assessment about how wonderful Karabiner was.

It seemed like something that could and should have been fixed right away and I still don't
understand how starting from scratch was the only recourse. (Perhaps the code wasn't modularized > to allow it.) Alas, I don't have the time or expertise to contribute to the project

I've been a software engineer for 20 years, and I can tell you that sometimes this happens, despite all best efforts to build software such that it's maintainable. I can also tell you that Apple sometimes changes things precipitously. I'm not quite sure what happened to the HID interfaces, and like you, I have not reviewed the Karabiner code thoroughly, and so am not in a position to defend Tekezo's coding practices, just as, with respect, you're not really able to credibly criticize them.

Standing from outside the codebase, with no knowledge of its internals, and suggesting that it should have been adaptable in the face of jarring changes from Apple is..well...not a valid position. Software, even in 2017, is very much not like a car or a building or a construction project; it's a very different kind of enterprise, and one that, despite society's need to quantify and control the process, remains very much a mysterious creative process that is more opaque than we'd like it to be. I've seen many software development methodologies come and go over the decades, all promising to make the process more predictable and controllable by the people signing the checks, and the thing they all have in common is that they simply don't change the fundamental nature of the process, which is much like the way monks made books before the invention of the printing press; it's an artisan process. Yes, it'd be awesome if karabiner could have adapted trivially to Sierra, but airing speculations about the code quality is not appropriate, without at least thoroughly reviewing the code, by someone knowledgeable about Apple HID specifics. If I were Tekezo, I wouldn't appreciate it.

Add to this the fact that Karabiner is clearly not how Tekezo feeds his family. I'm very grateful for this wonderful piece of software, and we should all throw a few shekels Tekezo's way, and we should not hound him.

I very sincerely hope that he's able to see his way to bringing us a version of Karabiner, derived from Karabiner-Elements that delivers the same value as Karabiner has to us; but I don't think criticism is in order here, at all.


Donated again. Thanks for all the years I've been using Karabiner, and for the work you're investing in the new Karabiner-Elements.

pkamb commented Feb 3, 2017 edited

Reminder that in the Sierra Compatibility Dev Discussion ticket we've posted a bug report that can be copied/pasted into Apple's bug report and/or feature request forms.

Nearly 20 people have filed a Apple bug report asking for pre-Sierra legacy keyboard drivers (as required by Karabiner) to be re-supported in some manner in a future version of Mac OS.

Directions for filing a bug report here:
#739 (comment)

These keyboard driver changes impact many other devices and apps beyond Karabiner. Hearing from users who have been left behind by these changes is one of the only ways Apple would be interested in introducing a compatibility layer. Please file a bug report if you can, as the volume of feedback is apparently very important for Apple's prioritization.

cray0000 commented Feb 12, 2017 edited

I was struggling to replicate my Karabiner setup of functional keys remaps as well as multi-key setup of Diamond Cursor (jkli or vim hjkl) and backspace/delete/page up/page down with ctrl modifier key. Here is what I ended up doing:

On the current stage of development Karabiner-Elements allows to do a reliable single-to-single key remap of pretty much anything. So I use it to remap modifier keys (including fn) and ~ on european keyboard.

But the multikey hotkeys are not supported yet, so for that functionality I'm using โŒ˜่‹ฑใ‹ใช.
The app is in japanese but it's easy to figure out how to specify hotkeys.

Hint: configuration of โŒ˜่‹ฑใ‹ใช is done from the interface by actually pressing the keys. I don't know if there is a config file where you can do manual edits. But if you want to add hotkeys on a macbook to press PageUp, PageDown, Delete in a simple way -- you can just plug in an external usb keyboard when specifying the remaps.


cray0000, thanks for the suggestion - diamond cursor works perfectly! Not sure why the app shows the output of an individual press of (arrow left) as (fn)(arrow left), but it works nevertheless. Now I only need a way to customise the keystroke repeat interval and then I'm set.

Still, diamond curser was the most important piece of the puzzle, thank you again so much!

dm17 commented Feb 13, 2017

Is there a process you use to convert a Karabiner profile to a Karabiner-Elements profile?

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