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In no particular order:

  • Read Carp files as lines instead of whole files.
  • Write tests for:
    1. DONE: stack
    2. DONE: ht
    3. Instructions
    4. Tokenizer
    5. Lexer
    6. DONE: Registers
  • Have API never exit, but pass up error codes.
    • DONE: ALU
    • Tokenizer
    • Lexer
  • Bytecode format so it does not need to interpret Carp code on the fly
  • Look-behind for lexer so that labels that follow call statements can be easily lexed.
    • DONE except make checking for call cleaner. flag? instruction enum?
  • Make a Carp compiler.
  • Figure out a better way for the tokenizer to exit cleanly on an empty file.
  • Data:
    • Use data[] array (mem) for strings and then use addresses - don't store string pointers in program array
      • RAM/Heap of sorts
      • Sort of like hand-made pointers
    • Add way to pass data section so that DBS and DBG can be used in Carp code
      • Something like in the c/data.c example
    • Fix annoying warning about storing char pointer in long long array.
  • Brainfuck compiler...
  • ldstr method that reads string into memory and pushes address onto the stack
  • Hash lookup for regs and instr names.
  • Add bounds checking on LOAD/STORE, among others
  • Increment IP after instruction fetched?
  • Logical operators (AND, OR) and how to segment from bitwise operators
  • Segment tests for stack ops into possibly separate machines... but definitely independent states somehow.
  • Better way to track size of code for API

Other commentary that I am too lazy to bullet right now:

> In the function carp_lex_lex(), the variable 'length' ends up
> being too small by 1.  It should be initialized to 0, not -1.
> Unused - function carp_vm_init();  in carp.c, variables 'opts'
> and 'this_option_optind'.   Also, 'opts' has fewer initializers
> than members.
> Style comment - where ever you picked up the habit of putting
> a space between a function name and the following parenthesis,
> unlearn it.  That style is good in some programming languages
> but C is not one of them.