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ssock - simple sockets library


I found sockets really confusing, so I wanted to make something to make getting started easier. This is only a simple wrapper around the basic function calls.

Does it work?

Surprisingly, yes! I tested with a browser and socat. This allows for arbitrary responses with functions that return char *.

Careful: I have no idea what machines or compilers this works with. OS X 10.10 on Macbook Air right now with gcc/clang. Tested on Arch Linux with gcc.

How do I work it?

To build, run make. Then you can make install. If you want to link against it, use -lssock.

For AF_INET, just point a browser to localhost:PORT, where PORT is whatever you indicated.

For AF_UNIX, just [download and] run socat like so: socat - UNIX-CONNECT:my.sock. socat is the bee's knees.

How's the performance?

It takes up some more space for the structs and has some other function call overhead. Probably shouldn't use it for anything mission critical.

Memory leaks, etc?

There are no tests and I am not sure that it is leak-proof. Yosemite KILLED valgrind and this Macbook Air is my main dev machine. :(