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GlobalStrings.lua files from each locale

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This repository contains a copy of the GlobalStrings.lua file extracted from each localization of World of Warcraft. Each file contains all of the localized UI strings for the relevant locale.

Locale code Language name English language name Regions where available
deDE Deutsch German Europe
enUS English English Americas, Europe
esES Español (España) Spanish (Spain) Europe
esMX Español (América Latina) Spanish (Latin America) Americas
frFR Français French Europe
itIT Italiano Italian Europe
ptBR Português (Brasil) Brazilian Portuguese America, Europe
ruRU Русский Russian Europe
koKR 한국어 Korean Korea
zhCN 简体中文 Simplified Chinese China
zhTW 繁體中文 Traditional Chinese Taiwan

enGB and ptPT both exist as locale options in the European client, but are not included here as they are duplicates of enUS and ptBR, respectively. The client in English even returns enUS from a GetLocale() query; Portuguese was not tested, but is probably the same. If either locale is ever discovered to differ from its "base" locale, it will be added here.

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