UNG (UNG’s Not Gallery) is a PHP gallery script for control freaks, tweakers, and other power users.
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UNG (UNG’s Not Gallery) is a PHP image gallery script for control freaks,
tweakers, and other power users.

It browses subdirectories (uploaded manually via FTP/SCP/etc) of a
specified location and creates a hierarchy of categories and pictures. It
automatically creates thumbnails for images that don’t have them already
and has an optional comment system so people can discuss posted pictures.

I originally made this just for my own use, but I was told that other
people may be interested in utilizing something like this, so I made the
source available and started accepting patches from others. Since then
I’ve moved on to a gallery more integrated with my WordPress blog, but
that was only for the integration and not because of any fault I had with

The code is pretty messy- I wrote this in one go back when I was still new
to PHP and haven’t really gone over it to any great (well, any) extent 
since then. Add to that the modifications submitted by others, and you’re 
left with a jumble of code that works by virtue of sheer stubbornness.
Needless to say, The code is probably very redundant with tons of 
extraneous things. If it isn’t, then forget I said that :)

To use it, just save the .txt file as a .php file on your webserver and 
change some configuration values. Instructions and Changelog are included 
near the top of the file.