I used to have the radio alphabet memorized. Having forgotten it, I am creating a tool to help myself re-learn it.
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I used to have the radio alphabet memorized. That was awesome!

I forgot it. Lamesauce!

I wrote a program, that I intend to run daily (or thereabouts), that will help me memorize this:
  * alpha
  * bravo
  * charlie
  * delta
  * echo
  * foxtrot
  * golf
  * hotel
  * india
  * juliet
  * kilo
  * lima
  * mike
  * november
  * oscar
  * papa
  * quebec
  * romeo
  * sierra
  * tango
  * uniform
  * victor
  * whisky
  * x-ray
  * yankee
  * zulu

It will do this by shuffling up the words (so I don't memorize the pattern, but the actual words), and prompting me with the starting letter. If I get it right, that letter is done. If not, a new letter will be asked, and the incorrect one will turn up later. This will repeat until all 26 letters are done, or until I force-quit like a whiny quitter butt.

Scores will be appended to a hidden file in the working directory. The best time will be reported upon completion.