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A text-mode user interface to Audacious audio player, forked from Ulf Betlehems's cplay in January 2002. Further history and documentation is available at the project homepage http://iki.fi/teknohog/hacks/comms/.

Originally, Comms was simply a text-mode user interface, because I preferred it to graphical controls. As such, it also works as a handy "remote control" over ssh.

However, over the years it gained a couple of quirky features to scratch my own itches as a DJ / sound guy of a student theatre:

  • Cache files to hard drive -- to compile a playlist from files burned to different CDs

  • Hotkeys for playing each of the first 22 tracks -- for playing sound effects on demand for (improvisational) theatre

  • Fade out and stop

Since version 3.5, Audacious uses the newer GDBus framework. This mandated a change from the python-dbus library to pydbus:


This library had some random timeout issues with Audacious. They were fixed by changing the timeout=10 to 100 in pydbus/bus.py. This problem is still apparent when using Comms to start Audacious, but it is not recommended anyway, for reasons such as error messages clogging the terminal.