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.TH "AACPLUSENC" "1" "19 January 2008" "Matteo Croce" "Debian GNU/Linux"
aacplusenc \- AAC+ encoder
.B aacplusenc
.I inputfile.wav outputfile.aac bitrate
\fBaacplusenc\fP is an \fIHE\-AACv2\fP encoder.
It accepts as input a \fIWAV\fP file and outputs an \fIAAC\fP file, with \fIRAW ADTS\fP header.
.TP 8
.B inputfile.wav
The file to encode
.TP 8
.B outputfile.aac
The desired filename of the encoded file
.TP 8
.B bitrate
The encoding bitrate, in kbps
.TP 8
both inputfile and outputfile can be \fI"\-"\fP to specify stdin and stdout respectively
On 64 bit platform there are issues with Parametric Stereo (PS) an algorithm to give
better quality on stereo tracks.
As PS is enabled for bitrates lower than 45 kbps, a 64 bit build of \fBaacplusenc\fP can only encode
mono tracks or stereo tracks encoded with bitrates of 45 kbps and over
\fBaacplusenc\fP is written by Matteo Croce <\\fP> and its based on 3GPP sources.
Get the latest version from \fI\fP
The 3GPP project used by \fBaacplusenc\fP: for more info visit \fI\fP
AAC+ is licensed by Coding Technologies, for info read: \fI\fP
This manpage was written by Matteo Croce <\\fP> and licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.