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mp4tools are a set of GPL scripts to create MPEG4 compliant file, with presets
for playback on iPod, PSP, standard 3gp phones and latest ones (specifically Nokia S60v3 based).
mp4tools quality is quite impressive due to the techniques it uses as 2pass encoding,
state of the art audio/video codecs, peak normalization, highly tuned encoding parameters etc.
every script has 2 file, mkX and dvd2X where mkX encodes from a file while dvd2X rips from DVD

the scripts are:

name		|description
mk3gp		encodes a standard 3gp file
mks60		encodes an high quality 3gp file
mkamr		encodes an AMR file (ringtone)
mkmp4		encodes an high quality H.264 Video file
mkipod		encodes a movie for the Apple iPod
mkpsp		encodes a movie for the Sony PSP
dvd23gp		rips a DVD to a standard 3gp file
dvd2s60		rips a DVD to an high quality 3gp file
dvd2psp		rips a DVD to a movie for the Sony PSP
dvd2ipod	rips a DVD to a movie for the Apple iPod
mp4tools	set of functions used by the above scripts


just do:
make install INSTDIR=/path

bash (obviously :P)
mplayer/mencoder with xvid and/or x264 support (
amrenc (
MP4Box (
faac (
aacplusenc (

normalize-audio (
nokiatagger (

you could also use neroAacEnc (Ahead's AAC+ encoder) which is binary only and that
can be found here: by setting the
mp4tools will detect and use it if available

feel free to write me at

I hope that this program will be helpful to you