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PureMVC EmployeeAdmin demo for JavaScript using JQuery Mobile

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PureMVC Port to Javascript / Objs / jQuery Mobile EmployeeAdmin Demo

PureMVC Port to Javascript / Objs by Frederic Saunier
PureMVC – Copyright© 2006-2012 Futurescale, Inc., Some rights reserved.
Objs – Copyright© 2006-2012 Frederic Saunier
Copyright 2012, jQuery Project
Release Date: 01/29/12
Platform: JavaScript / Objs
Version: 1
Revision: 0
Author: Frederic Saunier <>
License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License
License for Prototype Core: MIT and CC BY-SA


Version 1.0

This demo is inspired originally from PureMVC Employee Admin for AS3 standard
port and PureMVC Employee Admin demo for Mootools and jQuery I made.

Unit Tests follow the PureMVC for AS3 standard port with some specific
additions for the JavaScript language.


To build the project you’ll need Ant to run the
/build/build.xml file located in the build YUICompressor. The task concat all
the JavaScript files in one, next compress and minify it. The YUICompressor
munge option is activated.

The Ant task need both
YUICompressor and
YUIant. Respective jar
file for both library need to be copied in the /build/lib/ folder for the task
to run correctly.

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