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PureMVC Port to Javascript / Prototype Core

PureMVC Port to Javascript / Prototype Core by Frederic Saunier
PureMVC – Copyright© 2006-2011 Futurescale, Inc., Some rights reserved.
Prototype Core – 2006-2011 Prototype Core Team
Release Date: 01/19/11
Platform: JavaScript / Prototype Core
Version: 1
Revision: 0
Author: Frederic Saunier <frederic.saunier@puremvc.org>
License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License
License for Prototype Core: MIT and CC BY-SA


Version 1.0

This port, inspired originally from PureMVC for AS3 standard port, MooTools,
ExtJS and Objs ports respectively by Cliff Hall, Justin Willaby, Tony DeFusco
and Frederic Saunier. Support for class relationships is provided by the
PrototypeJS Core library. The source classes are in separate JavaScript files
mirroring the original PureMVC AS3 port and the minified library is about 7K.
The minification is brought to this port using YUICompressor.


To build the project you’ll need Ant to run the
/build/build.xml file located in the build YUICompressor. The task concat all
the JavaScript files in one, next compress and minify it. The YUICompressor
munge option is activated.

The Ant task need both
YUICompressor and
YUIant. Respective jar
file for both library need to be copied in the /build/lib/ folder for the task
to run correctly.

Unit Tests

Unit Tests follow the PureMVC for AS3 standard port with some specific
additions for the JavaScript language.

Unit tests are built upon
YUI Test Standalone Library.

The tests run by opening the /index.html. The test runner and Unit Test
framework loads all the libraries it needs from the /lib/yuitest folder. They
were first built upon YUI 3.2.0 and YUITest 1.0.0 b1 standalone libraries.