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This Task builds source into a container image using Moby BuildKit.

See also buildkit-daemonless for the daemonless version of this task.


Step 0: Create mTLS secrets

You need to determine the SAN of the BuildKit daemon Service and create mTLS certificates. In this example, we use buildkitd as the SAN.

$ ./ buildkitd
$ kubectl apply -f .certs/buildkit-daemon-certs.yaml
secret/buildkit-daemon-certs created
$ kubectl apply -f .certs/buildkit-client-certs.yaml
secret/buildkit-client-certs created
$ rm -rf .certs

Step 1: Deploy BuildKit daemon

Two types of the daemon manifests are included:

$ kubectl apply -f deployment+service.rootless.yaml
deployment.apps/buildkitd created
service/buildkitd created

The number of replicas can be adjusted as you like:

$ kubectl scale --replicas=10 deployment/buildkitd

See also BuildKit documentation for the further information about the manifests.

Step 2: Install the task

$ kubectl apply -f task.yaml created



  • DOCKERFILE: The path to the Dockerfile to execute (default: ./Dockerfile)
  • BUILDKIT_CLIENT_IMAGE: BuildKit client image (default:moby/buildkit:vX.Y.Z@sha256:...)
  • BUILDKIT_DAEMON_ADDRESS: BuildKit daemon address (default:tcp://buildkitd:1234)
  • BUILDKIT_CLIENT_CERTS: The name of Secret that contains ca.pem, cert.pem, key.pem for mTLS connection to BuildKit daemon (default:buildkit-client-certs)


  • source: A git-type PipelineResource specifying the location of the source to build.



  • image: An image-type PipelineResource specifying the image that should be built. Currently, generating resourceResult is not supported. (buildkit#993)
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