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Tekton Dashboard

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Tekton Dashboard logo (Tekton cat inspecting resources with a magnifying glass)

Tekton Dashboard is a general purpose, web-based UI for Tekton Pipelines and Tekton triggers resources.

It allows users to manage and view Tekton resource creation, execution, and completion.

Among other things, the Tekton Dashboard supports:

  • Filtering resources by label
  • Realtime view of PipelineRun and TaskRun logs
  • View resource details and YAML
  • Show resources for the whole cluster or limit visibility to a particular namespace
  • Import resources directly from a git repository
  • Adding functionality through extensions

Dashboard UI workloads page

Start using Tekton Dashboard

Which version should I use?

Version Docs Pipelines Triggers
HEAD Docs @ HEAD v0.20.x - v0.28.x v0.10.x - 0.16.x
v0.21.0 Docs @ v0.21.0 v0.20.x - v0.28.x v0.10.x - 0.16.x
v0.20.0 Docs @ v0.20.0 v0.20.x - v0.27.x v0.10.x - 0.16.x
v0.19.0 Docs @ v0.19.0 v0.20.x - v0.26.x v0.10.x - 0.15.x
v0.18.1 Docs @ v0.18.1 v0.20.x - v0.25.x v0.10.x - 0.14.x
v0.17.0 Docs @ v0.17.0 v0.20.x - v0.24.x v0.10.x - 0.14.x
v0.16.1 Docs @ v0.16.1 v0.20.x - v0.23.x v0.10.x - 0.13.x
v0.15.0 Docs @ v0.15.0 v0.20.x - v0.22.x v0.10.x - 0.12.x
v0.14.0 Docs @ v0.14.0 v0.11.x - v0.20.x v0.5.x - 0.11.x
v0.13.0 Docs @ v0.13.0 v0.11.x - v0.20.x v0.5.x - 0.10.x
v0.12.0 Docs @ v0.12.0 v0.11.x - v0.19.x v0.5.x - 0.10.x
v0.11.1 Docs @ v0.11.1 v0.11.x - v0.18.x v0.5.x - 0.9.x
v0.10.2 Docs @ v0.10.2 v0.11.x - v0.17.x v0.5.x - 0.9.x
v0.9.0 Docs @ v0.9.0 v0.11.x - v0.15.x v0.5.x - 0.7.x
v0.8.2 Docs @ v0.8.2 v0.11.x - v0.14.x v0.5.x - 0.6.x
v0.7.1 Docs @ v0.7.1 v0.11.x - v0.13.x v0.5.x - 0.6.x
v0.6.1.5 Docs @ v0.6.1.5 v0.11.x - v0.12.x v0.4.x
Other versions

It is strongly recommended to use the v0.6.1.4 release or newer for Tekton Pipelines v0.11.x and v0.12.x and Tekton Triggers v0.4.

  • This is a critically important security release
  • Earlier versions are deprecated and should be used for development or isolated usage only
Version Docs Pipelines Triggers
v0.18.0 Docs @ v0.18.0 v0.20.x - v0.25.x v0.10.x - 0.14.x
v0.16.0 Docs @ v0.16.0 v0.20.x - v0.23.x v0.10.x - 0.13.x
v0.11.0 Docs @ v0.11.0 v0.11.x - v0.18.x v0.5.x - 0.9.x
v0.10.1 Docs @ v0.10.1 v0.11.x - v0.17.x v0.5.x - 0.8.x
v0.10.0 Docs @ v0.10.0 v0.11.x - v0.17.x v0.5.x - 0.8.x
v0.8.0 Docs @ v0.8.0 v0.11.x - v0.14.x v0.5.x - 0.6.x
v0.7.0 Docs @ v0.7.0 v0.11.x - v0.13.x v0.4.x - 0.5.x
v0.6.1.4 Docs @ v0.6.1.4 v0.11.x v0.4.x
v0.6.0 v0.11.x v0.3.x
v0.5.3 v0.10.x v0.3.x
v0.5.2 v0.10.x v0.2.x
v0.5.0 v0.10.x v0.1
v0.4.1 v0.8.0 v0.1
v0.3.0 v0.8.0 v0.1
v0.2.1 v0.7.0
v0.1.1 v0.5.2

Browser support

The Tekton Dashboard has been tested on modern evergreen browsers.

It generally supports the current and previous stable versions of:

  • Google Chrome (Windows, macOS, Linux)
  • Mozilla Firefox (Windows, macOS, Linux)
  • Apple Safari (macOS)
  • Microsoft Edge (Windows)

Older versions or other browsers may work, but some features may be missing or not function as expected.

Want to contribute

We are so excited to have you !

Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.

Code samples are licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.