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This commit refactors the test cases for taskRef_Test by:
- separate the TestGetTaskFunc for local, resolution and bundle tests
  since part of the syntax has deprecated in v1beta1 and diverged when
  we are going to move to v1.
- creats a separated test class TestGetTaskFunc_Bundle since there would
  be no  field in bundle resolvers
- remove the test cases regarding remote tasks ie. remote task without
  defaults in TestGetTaskFunc to TestGetTaskFunc_Remoteresolution and
  renames it to TestGetTaskFunc_Local
- change the test cases where bundle resolver is used for the remote
  clusterTask, which does not make sense as a functionality given it is valid

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September 26, 2018 16:30
February 20, 2023 13:46
April 29, 2019 10:47

pipe Tekton Pipelines

Go Report Card CII Best Practices

The Tekton Pipelines project provides k8s-style resources for declaring CI/CD-style pipelines.

Tekton Pipelines are Cloud Native:

  • Run on Kubernetes
  • Have Kubernetes clusters as a first class type
  • Use containers as their building blocks

Tekton Pipelines are Decoupled:

  • One Pipeline can be used to deploy to any k8s cluster
  • The Tasks which make up a Pipeline can easily be run in isolation
  • Resources such as git repos can easily be swapped between runs

Tekton Pipelines are Typed:

  • The concept of typed resources means that for a resource such as an Image, implementations can easily be swapped out (e.g. building with kaniko v.s. buildkit)

Want to start using Pipelines

Required Kubernetes Version

  • Starting from the v0.24.x release of Tekton: Kubernetes version 1.18 or later
  • Starting from the v0.27.x release of Tekton: Kubernetes version 1.19 or later
  • Starting from the v0.30.x release of Tekton: Kubernetes version 1.20 or later
  • Starting from the v0.33.x release of Tekton: Kubernetes version 1.21 or later
  • Starting from the v0.39.x release of Tekton: Kubernetes version 1.22 or later
  • Starting from the v0.41.x release of Tekton: Kubernetes version 1.23 or later
  • Starting from the v0.45.x release of Tekton: Kubernetes version 1.24 or later

Read the docs

The latest version of our docs is available at:

Version specific links are available in the releases page and on the Tekton website.

See our API compatibility policy for info on the stability level of the API.

See our Deprecations table for features that have been deprecated and the earliest date they'll be removed.


v1alpha1 to v1beta1

In the move from v1alpha1 to v1beta1 several spec fields and Tekton CRDs were updated or removed .

For users migrating their Tasks and Pipelines from v1alpha1 to v1beta1, check out the spec changes and migration paths.

Want to contribute

We are so excited to have you!