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Tekton Triggers release v0.23.0

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@tekton-robot tekton-robot released this 02 Mar 12:36

-Docs @ v0.23.0
-Examples @ v0.23.0

Installation one-liner

kubectl apply -f
kubectl apply -f


The Rekor UUID for this release is 24296fb24b8ad77a11b8a3dc45583f50a2166834931fa90e92b29af49e99c54e95972c81c27a5e56

Obtain the attestation:

rekor-cli get --uuid $REKOR_UUID --format json | jq -r .Attestation | jq .

Verify that all container images in the attestation are in the release file:


# Obtains the list of images with sha from the attestation
REKOR_ATTESTATION_IMAGES=$(rekor-cli get --uuid "$REKOR_UUID" --format json | jq -r .Attestation | jq -r '.subject[]|.name + ":v0.23.0@sha256:" + .digest.sha256')

# Download the release file
curl "$RELEASE_FILE" > release.yaml
curl "$INTERCEPTORS_FILE" >> release.yaml

# For each image in the attestation, match it to the release file
  printf $image; grep -q $image release.yaml && echo " ===> ok" || echo " ===> no match";



  • ✨ Github Interceptor to support Owners File Validation (#1516)

Github interceptor blocks a pull request trigger from being executed unless invoked by an owner or with a configurable comment by an owner, for example /ok_to_test. This feature can be enabled/disabled by feature flagging it true/false

  • ✨ Add support for v1 pipeline types and customruns (#1514)

Triggers now allows creating v1 PipelineRuns, TaskRuns, Tasks, and Pipelines as well as v1beta1 CustomRuns

  • ✨ add changed files to the github interceptor (#1507)

The GitHub Interceptor now has the ability to add a comma delimited list of all files that have changed (added, modified or deleted) for the push and pull_request events. The list of changed files are added to the changed_files property of the event payload in the top-level extensions field


  • 🐛 Change TLS MinVersion to in order to make Triggers run on OCP where FIPS enabled (#1518)

Changed TLS MinVersion to tls.VersionTLS12 in order to make Triggers run on OCP(Where FIPS enabled) as OCP uses MInTLS as 1.2 for all components

  • 🐛 Add SecurityContext to Eventlistener containers (#1494)

Eventlistener containers now contain the right security context to allow running with restricted pod security admission

  • 🐛 Skip webhook validation on delete for v1beta1 (#1470)

Resource validation is skipped on deletion

  • 🐛 Remove the GO111MODULE=off in release pipeline (#1536)
  • 🐛 Fix the error message during InterceptorExecution (#1523)


  • 🔨 Add v0.22.2 to (#1532)

  • 🔨 chore: use http constants to replace numbers (#1531)

  • 🔨 Add v0.22.x to (#1511)

  • 🔨 test: use T.Setenv to set env vars in tests (#1491)

  • 🔨 Update ko image to latest with Go 1.19 (#1541)

  • 🔨 Fix go1.19 related codegen issues (#1534)

  • 🔨 Remove git files from KODATA (#1533)

  • 🔨 Update Pipelines to v0.44 and cel-go to v0.13.0 (#1525)



Thanks to these contributors who contributed to v0.23.0!

Extra shout-out for awesome release notes: