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Spring Security Configuration with Scala

Code to accompany this blog article.

Provides a scala-based alternative to the usual Spring Security namespace with similar syntax, but which is compatible with Spring's @Configuration features. It is no more complicated than namespace syntax, but is more powerful and intuitive as it directly exposes the actual classes which are usually hidden. By using higher-order functions, it makes it easy to plug in new behaviour for features such as access-control (interceptUrl), which can be implemented as Scala functions.


The code is built and run using sbt

  1. Download and install version 0.12.3
  2. cd scalasec
  3. sbt

Running the Sample app

Then from the sbt prompt, build and run using

  1. update
  2. compile
  3. container:start

Browse to http://localhost:8080/anyurl/

Log in in with any username and password=username.