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document registration of custom store instances

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@@ -52,8 +52,8 @@ Storage Configuration
The MetaStore and EntityStore used for a particular request is determined by
inspecting the `rack-cache.metastore` and `rack-cache.entitystore` Rack env
-variables. The value of these variables is a URI that identifies the storage
-type and location (URI formats are documented in the following section).
+variables. The value of these variables is a URI or name that identifies the
+storage type and location (URI formats are documented in a following section).
The `heap:/` storage is assumed if either storage type is not explicitly
provided. This storage type has significant drawbacks for most types of
@@ -69,6 +69,23 @@ __Rack::Cache__ object is added to the Rack middleware pipeline as follows:
Alternatively, the `rack-cache.metastore` and `rack-cache.entitystore`
variables may be set in the Rack environment by an upstream component.
+Storage Registration
+If the needs for configuration your stores are more complex than the URIs allow,
+you may register a manually instantiated store. You can do this directly on the
+`Rack::Cache::Storage.instance` singleton, and pass the name as the `:metastore`
+and `entitystore` values in the rack configuration:
+ Rack::Cache::Storage.instance.register_metastore :my_store,
+ Rack::Cache::Storage.instance.register_entitystore :my_store,
+ use Rack::Cache,
+ :metastore => :my_store,
+ :entitystore => :my_store
Storage Implementations
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