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nnHs --- Nanomsg for Haskell

This is a very early stage client for Nanomsg in Haskell. Please explore it and ask questions or submit suggestions and code. I'm extremely interested in creating a simple Haskell interface to a simple messaging abstraction like Nanomsg and would like input from anyone who has experience building such a thing.

See the wiki for more information.


This library, nanomsg, is intended to be built and installed by Cabal. When it reaches the 1.0.0 release I will make it available on Hackage.

The library currently assumes you have libnanomsg and its headers installed at a reasonable place on your system. It makes no attempt to install that for you.

Is it any good?

Not yet.



Please commit isolated features. If you want to make major changes, open the pull request early and let's talk about it.

73 character max on the first line of any commit.

If you commit, I will add you to the AUTHORS file unless you ask not to be added.