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Be the welcome to the T2G repository, this repository intends to store the work related with opendata materials at, for tel2geo domains and tel2geo work/services.

  • baseaddressenationale - Contains the scripts for importing the database from base.addresse.nationale website (ODBL license).
  • t2g-api - Contains the api(s) for tel2geo.
  • VOCALR_STATIC - Voice recognition Web application for google chrome / Android webspeech API, with plenty of features included.
  • callingcode - A data visualisation WebGL D3.js app for displaying callingcode on a globe.
  • t2g-html - Contains the tel2geo website, with t2g-api usage basic for landline phone geolocation.
  • t2g-android - Contains the tel2geo Blog Android APK application with source code.
  • t2g-desktop - Contains the t2g Maps with vocal recognition.
  • t2g-maps-android - Contains the t2g Maps android application sources codes with vocal recognition (French, Arabic).

Download the whole T2G Repo

$ git clone t2g


The T2G repo Contains multiple licenses depending on the use of the scripts and databases distributed.

  • Apache 2
  • Odbl
  • MIT
  • GNU GPL3

Mainly this work is free license, to use , share, sell...

External links

  • base.addresse.nationale - The official link to download the Address database with more than 26 000 000 rows.
  • tel2geo - the tel2geo project, API etc...
  • - Opensource Geolocation Vocal Recognition (french and arabic) Android APP and Desktop (Browser) web application.


Feel free to contact me for a partnership, a job opportunity, i am currently open to most of coding proposals at   Sincerely, Thibaut LOMBARD.


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