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Don't let those delicious leftovers spoil in your fridge


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Leftovers is a Dropserver app that helps you keep track of leftovers and perishables in your refrigerator.

When you are about to put Leftovers in the fridge, opent he Leftovers app and hit the "+" to create a new leftover. Snap a pic with the integrated camera, describe the contents and set a time until it's considered spoiled.

The main page shows all your current leftovers, making it easy to see what should be eaten soon, and what could be combined into a meal.

The Dropserver App:

  • 100% self-contained
  • makes zero requests outside your appspace
  • multi-user

Current status

The app is quite usable, though it has some bugs and missing features.

Dropserver is very new therefore you will probably need some help using this for now. Have a look at the discussions in the Dropserver repo.


MIT Licensed.