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Open source scalable WebRTC platform for Browser(Chrome,Firefox,Opera),Mobile(Androi,IOS) and IOT
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WebRTC Scalable Platform For Browser,Desktop,Mobile and IOT

NARI Provides complete Scalable and easy to use API for Browser,Mobile,Desktop and IOT build top on WebRTC,NARI Supports many rich features,Here is a list of the options available.And NARI support SFU(Multi user Conference),PSTN and Live Streaming(Youtube,Facebook).This easy to use platform is powered by TeleCMI Technologies Private Limited.

Supported Features

  1. One-to-One Video Call
  2. One-to-One Audio Call
  3. One-to-One Chat
  4. One-to-One Filesharing
  5. Scalable server (Multi Datacenter)

Get Started


Installing NARI is quite a simple experience. we recommend Debian/Ubuntu Operating Systems.

On Debian/Ubuntu systems,Install required package NodeJS and NPM:

sudo apt-get install nodejs git npm nodejs-legacy
git clone
cd nari
npm install

Edit signalling server URL

node server.js

User 1: http://localhost:8080

User 2: http://localhost:8080/murugan

Now you can check demo


Support SFU
Support SIP and PSTN
Support Live Streaming to Facebook and Youtube
Support react-native(Android and IOS)(progress)
Support Cordova(Android and IOS)

Developer Document

Browser SDK

Scalable Server

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