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Scripts description:

- imdb_bidirectional_lstm: script that runs a Bidirectional LSTM model

- imdb_cnn: script that runs a Convolutional NN model

- imdb_cnn: script used to plot the graphics of CNN

- imdb_xxxx_len: script that runs the xxxx specified model and stores the legnth of the reviews that the model failed or not to classify

- imdb_GRU: script that runs a GRU model

- imdb_PLSTM: script that runs a PLSTM model

- plot_len_comp: script that plots the figure where LSTM and PLSTM are compared in terms of reviews length

The folder phased_lstm_keras is used in the imdb_PLSTM script to run the Phased LSTM

where specified No regularized --> No regularization done.

A folder with the results can be found in Results.