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Central repository for all lectures on deep learning at UPC ETSETB TelecomBCN.
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Central repository for all lectures on deep learning at UPC ETSETB TelecomBCN.

Our tracks

We have grouped our lectures in the following tracks:

Our study programs

  • IDL - Introduction to Deep Learning. UPC TelecomBCN. [2018] [2019]
  • DLAI - Deep Learning for Artificial Intelligence. UPC TelecomBCN. [2017] [2018]
  • AIDL - Artificial Intelligence with Deep Learning. UPC School. [2019]
  • DLCV - Deep Learning for Computer Vision UPC TelecomBCN. [2016] [2017] [2018] [2019]
  • NLPDL - Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning. UPC TelecomBCN. [2019]
  • DLSL - Deep Learning for Speech and Language UPC TelecomBCN. [2017] [2018]
  • DLV - Deep Learning for Video. Master in Computer Vision Barcelona. [2018] [2019]
  • DLMM - Deep Learning for Multimedia. Insight Dublin City University 2017. [2017] [2018]
  • MMDL - Multimodal Deep Learning. MMM, Thessaloniki, Grrece 2019.
  • Amaia Salvador and Santiago Pascual. "Hands on Keras and TensorFlow". Persontyle 2017.
  • Santiago Pascual. "RNN & GANs in PyTorch". UPC TelecomBCN 2017.

Guest lecturers

Lecturer Institution Course
Àgata Lapedriza UOC - MIT DLCV 2017
Elisenda Bou Vilynx DLCV 2017
Joan Serrà Telefonica R&D DLSL 2017 IDL 2018
Jordi Pons UPF MTG DLSL 2017 DLSL 2018
Oriol Vinyals Google Deepmind DLAI 2017
Yannis Kalantidis Facebook AML DLAI 2017
Cristian Canton Facebook AML DLAI 2017
Amaia Salvador UPC - MIT DLAI 2017
Joost van der Weijer CVC - UAB DLAI 2017
Carlos Segura Telefonica R&D DLSL 2018
Petia Radeva UB DLAI 2019
Xavier Gonzalvo Google AI DLAI 2019

Our slides were used by...

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