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#Cosmos GUI This project is part of FIWARE.

Cosmos is the codename for the Reference Implementation of the BigData Generic Enabler of FIWARE. Such a solution is based on the split of storage and computing capabilities:

  • A only-HDFS cluster for permanently storing the user data.
  • Depending on the available resources and the goals pursued by your deployment, there are two flavours for the computing side:
    • Another Hadoop cluster, shared among all the users, addressing data processing and only allowing for temporal storage.
    • A Sahara-based platform for on-demand private temporal Hadoop clusters.

As seen, the storage cluster is always shared, and depending on the chosen flavour, the computing cluster is shared as well. Thus a provisioning procedure is require in order to create specific Unix users and HDFS user spaces within both clusters; this is also know as creating a Cosmos account. This procedure is automated by this cosmos-gui, a Node.js application rendering a set of web pages mainly in charge of guiding the user through this provisioning step.

In addition, the cosmos-gui can be used as a centralized dashboard where a user can explore its HDFS space and run predefined MapReduce jobs, once his/her Cosmos account has been provisioned.

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is used to provide communications security through asymetric cryptography (public/private encryption keys).

Further information can be found in the documentation at fiware-cosmos.readthedocs.io.