Repository to store and manage end user documentation related to the IoT Stack
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Repository to store and manage end user documentation related to the IoT Stack FIWARE based

How to generate documentation for a specific release


  • Python 2.7 (it may work with other versions but I haven't tested)
  • Required Python modules: requests and configparser, that can ben installed typically using:
sudo pip install requests configparser

Assuming you are in master branch with everything ready to release (v4.2 is a fictional example):

  • Create the release branch:
git checkout -b release/v4.2
  • Adjust URLs to point to the right version of the components included in that release. This is done automatically by the using as input the repo-to-version configuration file
./ -v -d docs/ -c iotpv4.2.conf
  • Check that the script has done its job correctly
git diff
  • Commit all changes
git add docs/*.md
git add docs/topics/*.md
git status   # check all the files are staged for commit
git commit
  • Push to origin
git push origin release/v4.2

Configuration file syntax

The configuration file (iotpv4.2.conf in the example above) uses the following syntax:


The 1.1.0, 1.2.0, etc. above are just example; use actual version number in a real case.